LETTER: Trump nothing but a fox now in charge of the henhouse

On several occasions while campaigning, regarding big money in politics and corruption in Washington, Donald Trump stated that he would “drain the swamp.”

Instead, he is skimming the scum from the swamp and stocking his Cabinet with it.

Billionaires and wealthy corporate executives will now be running the government along with Trump and the GOP.

Donald Trump is the first president in history who will come into office with zero experience.

Trump has absolutely no experience in the military or in government.

And when it comes to those he is appointing to his Cabinet and other key positions, things are even worse.

Not only are the bulk of his appointees woefully inexperienced in the area of government to which they are being appointed, in many cases, their personal history of statements and actions makes them the exact antithesis of the vital functions they are being appointed to oversee.

Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Many of Trump’s appointees have long histories of opposing and even wanting to abolish the very government functions and programs they have been appointed to lead.

Of course, Trump is nothing more than an egomaniac con man who lied his way into office and who acts like he thinks that none of the laws, rules or codes of conduct that have helped to keep our government stable and our nation strong since the beginning really apply to him.

So, conservatives, get ready to learn the goosestep and speak Russian, and all heil Trump.

David A. Desautel,