LETTER: Clallam commissioner leads the way in addressing Trump’s Cabinet picks

On behalf of my family and our community, I want to thank Clallam County Commissioner Mark Ozias for taking the initiative in addressing some of the incoming Trump administration’s Cabinet picks and their vetting process.

You can count me among those within the “larger community” whom this letter represents and, as an elected representative, “meddle” is not a verb that comes to my mind when commissioners participate in the larger governmental framework on behalf of concerned citizens.

I would add most of the Cabinet appointees to the list of those I consider to be among the worst possible choices for these positions.

Please look at the following link as a prime example: http://tinyurl.com/PDN-trumppicks.

Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota was the most egregious voice I heard, when I traveled to Standing Rock at the beginning of December, who was in direct opposition to the interests of indigenous Americans in his state.

I’ve called our senators and am frankly appalled by the choice of him as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, among others.

Commissioner Ozias, thank you again for your representation and commitment to the dispensing of your position’s responsibilities in a good way.

Chris Tipton,