LETTER: Licensed bed-and-breakfasts allow area to thrive

As the Clallam County Planning Commission formalizes standards for bed-and-breakfasts in rural Clallam County, I hope that citizens will recognize the positive impact that fully licensed and inspected B&Bs have on the area.

Licensed bed-and-breakfasts are safe, make good neighbors and contribute to the economy by providing an attractive alternative for guests seeking unique and authentic lodging.

Licensed B&Bs are currently inspected by the state, fire marshal and health department to ensure safe accommodation for visitors.

Unlike vacation rentals, Clallam County B&Bs are required to have owners or managers live on-site to provide supervision of guests, adding another level of safety.

In any community, we typically don’t have the option to choose our neighbors.

But if you live near a B&B, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Innkeepers tend to be among the best of neighbors — hospitable, involved in the community and motivated to beautify their properties.

We know that tourism is important to Clallam County’s economy.

In addition to inviting tourist dollars to the area, the high-quality licensed B&Bs in Clallam County contribute property taxes, sales taxes and business taxes that help the region prosper.

Nearby tourist destinations such as Port Townsend, Victoria and Vancouver, B.C., promote licensed B&Bs and are rewarded as visitors flock to their numerous lodging choices.

Let’s help licensed B&Bs in Clallam County thrive without adding additional expense and excessive restrictions unrelated to safety and not required of other home-based businesses or private residences.

Allow these small businesses to operate successfully and remain contributors to the local character and economy.

Julie McAferty,


EDITOR’S NOTE: McAfterty is president of the state Bed & Breakfast Guild.