LETTER: Thank you, Obamas, for all you’ve accomplished

As President Barack Obama leaves office, we want to take time to thank him for the leadership he provided our country.

His accomplishments are many: leading the country out of a serious financial crisis, creating a game-changing national health policy that brought 20 million people into the insurance market, framing an agreement on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, expanding the number of protected wild places, ending the long-outdated relationship with Cuba, initiating criminal justice reform and numerous others.

Beyond these specific victories, we thank Obama for the dignity and good humor he brought to the office.

He is respected in this country and around the world.

We would also like to thank Michelle Obama.

She not only focused on children’s health, military families and the value of inclusiveness, she opened the White House to all forms of art and all types of artists.

She brought grace and joy to her role as our first lady.

We will miss the Obamas but believe strongly in what they did for our country.

We are joining millions from around the country who will fight hard to prevent erosion of all the good things that have been built over the past eight years.

Jim and Jo Ann Roberts,