LETTER: If you like the way things are going in this country, vote Democrat

They want to impose taxes, ban or take back guns and decide the future of your health care.

It’s always good to have clear choices.

If you want a state income tax, vote Democrat. The Washington State Democratic Party has repeatedly made clear that it would like to impose a state income tax.

It would eventually increase the carbon tax by $1 a gallon and the tax would triple over time, so vote for I-732 and vote Democrat.

Washington state Democrats have made abundantly clear that they favor a carbon tax that would have this effect, regardless of whether I-732 passes.

If you want to see California- and New York-style prohibitions on scary-looking rifles (so-called assault weapons, though functionally identical to other semi-automatic rifles that would not be banned) and magazines exceeding 10 rounds, vote Democrat. The Democratic Washington attorney general stated that he would like to see these laws enacted here, too.

If you want confiscation of guns at the national level, vote for Hillary Clinton.

She is on record saying that the Australian mandatory gun buy-back confiscation from law-abiding owners was a “good example” and “worth considering” here.

You will want her appointing the next Supreme Court justices who will decide on what our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms means.

If you like Obamacare and its effect on your choice of doctors and health insurance premiums, vote for Hillary Clinton. She wants to keep it and increase government involvement in health care.

If you think the Obama administration has done a great job and deserves a third term and are happy with the direction in which the country is going, vote for Hillary Clinton.

Kaj Ahlburg,

Port Angeles