LETTERS: Port of Port Angeles leaders need to change or leave

I want to fire the Port of Port Angeles.

We need to build a hotel and conference center where PenPly was and welcome cruise ships all year round.

The port needs to get the logs off of property along our once beautiful Fairchild Airport Road because we are going to open that again, too.

And not with some rinky-dink airline that we have to pay to come here.

The port can also take the Composite Recycling Technology Center and do ship repair with it.

These are not good-wage jobs it is bringing here.

The only good wage jobs are the port staff’s.

We should try our hand at tourism, as the results couldn’t be any worse than the dire current economic conditions our current citizens enjoy.

Manufacturing is dead, and wishing it wasn’t won’t change things.

We are not the Rust Belt with no options other than manufacturing.

Our beautiful surroundings make us a unique and desirable tourist destination.

The port should leave its keys and get out, or get new leadership and change its direction.

The current port leaders have had long enough.

Malik Atwater,

Port Angeles