Letters to the editor

LETTER: No need to kill the deer

No need to kill deer in Sunland. Please plant only plants that deer do not eat. Bob Snyder Sequim… Continue reading

LETTER: Reach and Row

A hearty thank you to all the community members who supported the 2021 Reach and Row for Hospice Race. This annual event, sponsored by Sequim… Continue reading

LETTER: Not caring

COVID-19 is not a joke or something the government is doing to you; it’s a virus that moves through the air, is breathed in and… Continue reading

LETTER: Safe to eat out

I want to inform the owners and staff of our local restaurants and bars that I and my husband are so happy to know that… Continue reading

LETTER: Unite against COVID

For any other disaster, I would like to think our community would work feverishly, arm in arm, for a successful outcome. But apparently not this… Continue reading

LETTER: A community fight

What has this community come to? This is the first letter I have ever written to a newspaper after many years of reading the daily… Continue reading

LETTER: Are you patient zero?

The bubonic plague, which destroyed half the population in some towns, started in somebody’s body. Some person was hosting a microorganism that ended up being… Continue reading

LETTER: No appearance of fairness

The Sequim Good Governance League is dedicated to democratic values including integrity, transparency and the appearance of fairness. Political organizers Donnie Hall and Jim McEntire… Continue reading

LETTER: Blaming the unvaccinated

I am seeing what I think is a very disturbing trend in some of the letters and articles in our local paper, the tendency to… Continue reading

LETTER: Laws anti-police

I commend Democrat Washington state Rep. Mike Chapman for doing the right thing by voting against these recently enacted anti-police laws, as opposed to doing… Continue reading

LETTER: Purge population

I read with interest that the county is recommending masks again indoors for everyone. It’s time to let God, or Darwin, sort out the weak… Continue reading

LETTER: Unfair to unvaccianted

I was disappointed to see Dr. Allison Berry’s allegation that the mask honor system failed and that unvaccinated are responsible for the current outbreak. Unvaccinated… Continue reading

LETTER: Tell us of dangers

On June 13, there was a rave for our public health officers raving about their “keeping us informed and educated about this new virus.” While… Continue reading

LETTER: Supports school levies

Following earlier submissions that addressed the recent impact of a school levy on Port Angeles property tax bills, a letter writer weighed in and suggested… Continue reading

LETTER: Voting for levies has consequences

I was amused, and a bit surprised, to read of local citizenry’s consternation with their 2021 county property tax bills. I, too, was disturbed but… Continue reading

LETTERS: Bad news for Sequim

By now, most citizens of Sequim have seen our community in the national news and not because of our Lavender Festival. Why? Sequim’s Mayor Armacost… Continue reading

LETTERS: Dental health care

Access to dental health care is often tied to employer-provided dental insurance. Many lower wage service workers do not receive these benefits even while employed,… Continue reading

LETTERS: Something wrong in Sequim

Kudos to Sheena Younger and the Sequim Good Governance League for encouraging standing up to a Sequim City Council bad act. In the 1990s, the… Continue reading

LETTERS: Vaccine clinic in PT

Just wanted to give a shout-out for the COVID vaccination operation in Port Townsend. What a great organized job. Health care workers and patients were… Continue reading

LETTERS: Creating own reality?

When I was a kid growing up in South Dakota, I remember a story about a man telling someone how he was so drunk he… Continue reading