LETTERS: Something wrong in Sequim

Kudos to Sheena Younger and the Sequim Good Governance League for encouraging standing up to a Sequim City Council bad act.

In the 1990s, the city of Sequim changed from electing a mayor to a city council form of government.

Over the years, the councils themselves have swung from the needs of the Sequim city people’s legislation to just select constituent’s concerns.

City council mangers, too, have come and gone.

Some remained briefly, then left, or their contracts were not renewed.

During the last decade, more city manager stability occurred when several citizens with broad-based community concerns were elected.

The past two elections have brought another element to the council, the far-right and QAnon.

The QAnon city council mayor refused to step down, clearly there to represent only a fraction of the community.

Shamefully he wasn’t voted off the Council.

Yet QAnon members participated in trashing the U.S. capitol and planned to capture and assassinate elected officials.

This anti-Semitic group promotes baseless conspiracy claims, insists that the election was stolen from Trump — wasn’t it the other way around in 2016? — and foments chaos, white supremacy and anarchy.

Instead, who have we lost?

Level-headed, former Mayor Dennis Smith.

And proud QAnon member William Armacost led a movement to get rid of City Manager Charlie Bush, the best city manager since that post was created.

Something is wrong with this Sequim City Council order of who stays and who leaves?

Darlene Schanfald