LETTER: Tell us of dangers

On June 13, there was a rave for our public health officers raving about their “keeping us informed and educated about this new virus.”

While raves for their amazing coordination of all our health care systems to bring us all the opportunity to be vaccinated are well deserved, they have not, by any stretch, been keeping us informed and educated about where the dangers are appearing.

They refuse to let the public know what care homes, bars and restaurants and churches we need to stay away from because they have become centers of contagion.

For those of us who are vulnerable and conscientious, they have done much harm.

We know we have to stay completely away from such places.

But not allowing us to learn the specifics means that we are staying home and away from all the places we’d like to be patronizing.

Thereby, the lack of information about where the spread is happening is keeping us away from the majority of such places that are doing a great job of keeping the guidelines and keeping themselves sanitized and safe.

This policy of theirs is costing many of us our gradual return to our gathering places.

And it is a total disservice to the surviving businesses who are working hard to keep us safe.

Kristen Larson

Port Angeles

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