LETTER: Voting for levies has consequences

I was amused, and a bit surprised, to read of local citizenry’s consternation with their 2021 county property tax bills.

I, too, was disturbed but was expecting the large increase since the citizens overwhelming passed increases in levies for schools and services.

We certainly were advised of the tax impact of those levies.

But the emotional eagerness to care for the kiddies obscured our collective thinking and analysis.

The consequences of our votes are significant and deserve more thought than we seem willing to exert.

I realized the impact of the levy and voted against it as being excessive and deserving reconsideration.

But the levies passed with a large majority vote.

I hope the voters will benefit from this lesson.

Our responsibility as citizens is to carefully consider the decisions placed on the ballots.

There are consequences.

Gerald Hauxwell

Port Angeles