LETTERS: Bad news for Sequim

By now, most citizens of Sequim have seen our community in the national news and not because of our Lavender Festival.


Sequim’s Mayor Armacost is an adherent of QAnon, the same outlandish conspiracy theory that drove some of its followers to violently attack the Capitol in D.C.

Followers of this group reject reason and accountability and embrace blind allegiance to an unnamed figure who dispenses total nonsense on social media.

This matters because these beliefs are incompatible with good governance.

Leaders who practice good governance use sound judgment, respect facts and transparency and adhere to the law.

They prioritize what’s best for the city and all of its citizens.

In addition, Armacost showed terrible judgment in forcing the resignation of Sequim’s highly competent city manager for the last seven years, Charlie Bush.

The mayor and four appointed, not elected, council members did this behind closed doors, with no transparency.

When asked why, the mayor repeatedly cited only “philosophical differences.”

Does this mean non-belief in QAnon?

But thanks to grassroots leadership, hundreds of Sequim residents reacted with gratitude and support for city manager Bush and his excellent record of service.

Going forward, those who are now aware of the scope of the incompetence are determined that this mayor and council are held accountable.

They know the people of Sequim deserve better.

Lisa Dekker

Port Angeles

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