Letters to the editor

LETTER: Nothing to celebrate this July 4

Here’s why I did not put up my buntings and flags this Fourth of July. All three major news networks showed the same three video… Continue reading


LETTER: Fishing spotted in Elwha River

In his May 18 column, Pat Neal writes that the fishing moratorium on the Elwha River “has again been reset to run until 2023 because… Continue reading


LETTER: Supports Climate Resiliency Plan

I applaud Port Angeles for its Climate Resiliency Plan. Just look to the mountains to see climate change impacts, including declining snowpack, disappearing glaciers and… Continue reading


LETTER: Supports Second Amendment

Tired of massacres? Regulate violent behavior already. I may not be an esteemed columnist for the New York Times, but I believe I understand the… Continue reading

LETTER: US is a scary place

How many who are against abortion support the unlimited right to bear arms? How many of the babies they saved will grow up, go to… Continue reading

LETTER: Disturbing the peace

We have lived just outside Sequim city limits since 2009, and have enjoyed the peace and quiet. What once was a bit of noise from… Continue reading

LETTER: US military-industrial complex to blame

The U.S. military-industrial complex continues to drag the country into unnecessary and ghastly wars to pursue bloated defense expenditures and corporate profits. President Eisenhower warned… Continue reading

LETTER: Jamestown S’Klallam’s healing clinic, oyster farm bad for region

I just finished reading the Sunday edition of the PDN and noticed that the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe is moving along with their healing clinic in… Continue reading

LETTER:Refuge lease

Washington’s plastic bag ban went into effect on Oct. 1. Plastic bags contain chemicals that are toxic once released into the environment. Plastic pollution poses… Continue reading

LETTER: Support democracy

Support democracy The Sequim voting rights demonstration of Jan. 6, 2022, as well as local and national polls call for action by those who love… Continue reading

LETTER: Democracy in Sequim

The democracy demonstration in downtown Sequim on Jan. 6 was great. Hopefully, this will start us on the road to hold accountable Donald Trump and… Continue reading

LETTER:Critical shortage

Thanks for the article “Worker shortages at local hospitals.” The situation really is that critical. The first time I assisted in surgery during medical school,… Continue reading

LETTER: Keep traffic flowing into West End

Our highways into and out of Port Angeles and the West End are critical to the safety and economy of Clallam County. Our county road… Continue reading

LETTER: Neal-Trump comparison is a distraction

Congratulations to Pat Neal. He has been nominated by the very selective letter editors of the PDN (“Neal like Trump?” Jan. 21-22 Peninsula Voices) to… Continue reading

LETTER: Stop blaming the unvaccinated

Please, we need to stop blaming the unvaccinated for the continuing COVID-19 restrictions. The vaccine was developed as a protection against, not an eradication of,… Continue reading

LETTER: Voters’ right to decide

In November 2020, a record number of determined American voters turned out to cast our ballots, making sure those votes were counted correctly to ensure… Continue reading

LETTER: Voting rights need protection

No matter who gets your vote, free, fair, accessible, safe and transparent elections are the sacred basis of our democracy. Voting rights should be the… Continue reading

LETTER: Jan. 6, 2021, a terrifying day

Terrifying day Jan. 6, 2021, was a terrifying day for a nation that professes commitment to principles of justice, the Constitution and the rule of… Continue reading

LETTER: Justice in action

an attack on our Capitol to circumvent our presidential election.… Continue reading

LETTER: Look deeper

The picture on the front page of the Dec. 5 PDN presents an interesting dichotomy. The signs held by the protesters tell the story quite… Continue reading