LETTER: No appearance of fairness

The Sequim Good Governance League is dedicated to democratic values including integrity, transparency and the appearance of fairness.

Political organizers Donnie Hall and Jim McEntire have invited all Sequim City Council candidates to the forum they plan to hold at the Sequim City Hall.

No matter how fair they try to make it, Hall and McEntire can never provide an appearance of fairness for their forums, as they are backing five of the candidates they have recruited and trained.

Understandably, several candidates have declined the invitation.

Neither the candidates nor the public can have confidence that Hall and McEntire are not simply promoting their candidates or their organization, which seems to be little more than two Republican party officers working to support selected candidates for non-partisan office.

The League of Women Voters has been a legitimate, non-partisan organization for decades, and the public can have confidence in their well-honed protocols and non-partisan stance.

The Sequim Good Governance League, another legitimate organization, encourages all candidates and voters to support the League of Women Voters forums.

Dale Jarvis