LETTER: Not caring

COVID-19 is not a joke or something the government is doing to you; it’s a virus that moves through the air, is breathed in and lands on surfaces.

“My Body My Choice” doesn’t work with viruses because it doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone you talk to, hug, kiss or touch.

The United States has done much to fight viruses in the past; that’s why you don’t see smallpox or Ebola.

That’s why most of you haven’t seen a virus before that kills like COVID-19 and how it keeps adapting to infect you.

That’s all a virus wants to do.

By not getting the vaccine, you send a message to all that you only care about yourself.

You don’t care about your neighbors, you don’t care about our businesses, our town and, to be blunt, you don’t even care about your children.

A family, a town and a country can not survive unless we all come together and care for and about each other.

It breaks my heart every day as I hear of more deaths, more fighting about restrictions and masks.

Your energy would be better served if you listen to the medicine and talk to people who have seen COVID-19 first hand.

I’ve worked for 36 years in the medical field.

Please open your hearts and minds to the truth of COVID-19, care about others.

C.J. Isenberger

Port Angeles

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