Letters to the editor

LETTER: America’s collective spirit dead

Some 80 years ago, Americans, engaged in the most titanic conflict in the nation’s history, were referred to as “the greatest generation.” Theirs was a… Continue reading

LETTER: Constitutional right?

The Oct. 14 letter “Times Changed” about a friend’s grandfather driving home on his car rims during WWII due to tires being rationed for the… Continue reading

LETTER: Sheriff’s authority

Sheriff Bill Benedict has stated he doesn’t have the statutory authority to enforce the health rules issued by Dr. Berry, our public health officer. RCW… Continue reading

LETTER: Admirable convictions

As the local elections commence, selecting the best candidates to fill the various positions is essential for Port Angeles’ future. The current council members should… Continue reading

LETTER: Backs Rogers

Would you elect a candidate for an office with a personal financial interest in the decisions of that office? Most people would say, “No, that’s… Continue reading

LETTER: My choices

J. Thomas Oblak and Heather Jeffers. Port Angeles City… Continue reading

LETTER: No information

Shame on the following candidates for elected office who did not submit even a shred of information about themselves in the Jefferson County Official Local… Continue reading

LETTER: Not PA business

It amazes me how many letters on how to deal with the problems in Sequim, and who we should vote for in the upcoming election,… Continue reading

LETTER: Not the E Team

Seeing the signs around Sequim for the E Team, it occurred to me that they got it wrong by only one letter. It should be… Continue reading

LETTER: Political history

Jim MeEntire’s political history in Clallam should be reviewed because he is now running for hospital commissioner for the first time, against long-time hospital commissioner… Continue reading

LETTER: Street people

It’s election time again. The Port Angeles City Council seems unable to fix the street people problem. It’s a shame blanket coverage is used when… Continue reading

LETTER: Supports Rogers

I do not know Karen Rogers personally, but I believe she is the clear choice for OMC hospital commissioner. Karen has deep roots in Clallam… Continue reading

LETTER: Why promote confusion?

Sometimes I feel like I’m back in third grade. I say this because of the frequent accusations scattered across Facebook by opponents of the Sequim… Continue reading

LETTER: Do your patriotic duty

Do your patriotic duty The notion that you have an unfettered right to refuse to be vaccinated is just wrong. Although our Constitution guarantees certain… Continue reading

LETTER: Redbaiting in Clallam

Redbaiting in Clallam Redbaiting has reared its ugly head in Clallam County including Mcarthyite attacks on me by an unnamed woman during a Zoom hearing… Continue reading

LETTER: Change council

The time to make change for the better is in this upcoming election for Port Angeles City Council. It has been my observation from the… Continue reading

LETTER: Climate change

I’m all for us living in an environmentally responsible way. Who wants to poison our own families with toxic chemicals? But the extremists have taken… Continue reading

LETTER: Fascist capitalism

The worst fear of our Founding Fathers was the destruction of our constitutional republic by a powerful malicious faction. That faction has materialized. It is… Continue reading

LETTER: Thoughtful realism

It’s ironic to hear Port Angeles City Council candidate Jena Stamper claim her opponent, incumbent council member Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, is driven more by “idealist ideology… Continue reading

LETTER: Insurance charges

I would like to pose a question to the insurance commissioner as to why insurers aren’t adding the cost of treating COVID-19 patients hospitalized and… Continue reading