LETTER: Are you patient zero?

The bubonic plague, which destroyed half the population in some towns, started in somebody’s body.

Some person was hosting a microorganism that ended up being the one that mutated into the deadly form that crippled society around the world.

COVID-19 could be the same.

The alpha variant killed an alarming number of souls, gave many more permanent damage to their internal organs and caused others to die of completely different things waiting for a bed in the packed emergency rooms.

Now, the delta variant is killing kids.

Which variant will destroy civilization?

The thirty-fourth?

Who knows, but the longer the virus has to reproduce in unvaccinated bodies, the closer we come to the eventual probability of an Earth-shaking event, and it will all be the fault of those who have been given the opportunity to become vaccinated against it and have refused.

If you don’t get the shot, you could become patient zero just like the first person to have the plague.

You could be the one that ruins everything for everyone.

Robert Nicholls

Port Angeles

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