Letters to the Editor

ONP should reopen backcountry backpacking earlier

Last summer I hiked across Olympic National Park (ONP) with my two teenage children. My husband dropped us off at the Dosewallips River Trail and… Continue reading

  • Jul 2, 2020


Paving Spruce Railroad Trail will make it less safe

Regarding plans to pave the Spruce Railroad Trail along Lake Crescent, we might consider taking a tip from our neighbors to the north. The biking/walking… Continue reading

  • Jul 2, 2020


Supports Brian Pruiett for Legislative District 24

My first introduction of Brian Pruiett was with Fire District 3 Community Emergency Response Team program. The program is training and preparing community members for… Continue reading

  • Jul 2, 2020


Supports Jim Waddell’s position on lower Snake River dams

Jim Waddell makes the Public Power Council really uncomfortable because he challenges its facts, figures and conclusions about the reality of the lower Snake River… Continue reading

  • Jul 1, 2020

We should worry about Profa

Some blame recent violence and looting on Antifa, a non organization with no membership, no officers and no meeting place. The name means anti-fascist. I… Continue reading

  • Jul 1, 2020

Supports Brian Pruiett for 24th district state representative

Brian Pruiett is the best candidate for State Representative. Our 24th District has not had the best representation. Now is the time to rectify our… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2020

Supports Heidi Eisenhour for Jefferson County district 2 commissioner

It’s Heidi time. That is to say it is Heidi Eisenhour’s time to become the next Jefferson County Commissioner for District 2. Heidi has spent… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2020

Seattle mayor, chief of police are pariahs in the national organizations

Can you imagine the reception that the Seattle police chief would get if she were to attend the International Association of Chiefs Police Convention? Oh… Continue reading

  • Jun 29, 2020

Washington should restrict entry, quarantine visitors to prevent virus spread

The summer and warmer weather haven’t slowed the increase in coronavirus infections. Unaddressed, infections in a second wave are all but guaranteed sometime this year.… Continue reading

  • Jun 29, 2020

LETTER: Flag etiquette

Those who wish to display the flag are obligated to review the United States Flag Code and comply with its regulations. Frequently seen: Flags left… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: Getting the point

When I first heard the slogan “Black Lives Matter,” I thought, “Well, obviously… of course, because all lives matter.” With the horror of the very… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: Loud planes

I have noticed in the past several months that we have had an increase of loud plane activity over Port Angeles. It comes at all… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: Opportunity

President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said in 2008, “Never allow a good crisis go to waste. It’s an opportunity to do the… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2020

LETTER: Ramp walk

Following a recent speech president Trump gave at West Point, he walked gingerly down an exit ramp, prompting widespread concern about his physical health. “Nothing… Continue reading

  • Jun 28, 2020

Supports Lorna Smith for Jefferson County commissioner

I have known Lorna Smith for many years, well before she became an energetic activist in support of the values of Port Townsend and Jefferson… Continue reading

  • Jun 26, 2020

PAPD is on the cutting edge of policing

A recent NPR story about police reform reminded me of two Port Angeles actions that deserve recognition. The story, featuring an interview with former Camden… Continue reading

  • Jun 25, 2020

Disappointed in Jefferson County Board of Heath’s June 18 decision not to recommend Phase 3

After witnessing the Jefferson County Board of Health meeting on June 18, I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with their failure to recommend… Continue reading

  • Jun 24, 2020

Dismayed by the violent protests in Seattle

Recently, in west Seattle, I witnessed the somber tone of the city which is much more prevalent than here in Port Angeles. Masks were prominent,… Continue reading

  • Jun 24, 2020

Disputes June 21 letter regarding the dams on the lower Snake River

A letter in the June 21 Peninsula Daily News defends four embattled lower Snake River dams as providing “dispatchable power” to complement intermittent renewable resources… Continue reading

  • Jun 24, 2020

Let us make allies

The United States probably held its highest level of international respect at the end of World War II. We committed everything as a nation to… Continue reading

  • Jun 23, 2020