Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Trump, Trumpism

Trump and Trumpism will slowly fade into the dustbin of history. Trump, for a while, will still lie to his followers, giving them false hope… Continue reading

  • Feb 26, 2021


LETTER: Deserves paved roads

I was very pleased to read the PDN article about possibly repairing and paving the roads in my neighborhood. My wife, Judy, and I live… Continue reading

  • Feb 25, 2021


LETTER: Gun safety bills

I am writing concerning two pending bills SB 5038 and SB 5078 before the Washington Senate. I am a native Washingtonian, but grew up in… Continue reading

  • Feb 25, 2021


LETTERS: Choose another mayor

It is my understanding that the council elects a mayor from among its membership. My questions are: Why did the council elect William Armacost as… Continue reading

LETTER:Climate change

“Climate change” is a complex issue not fully addressed in 250 words or less. However, common sense asks a) “who are these humans who believe… Continue reading

  • Feb 21, 2021

LETTER:Condones violence?

I talked to a Trump supporter just a few days ago and asked her if she thought Joe Biden won the election fair and square.… Continue reading

  • Feb 21, 2021

LETTER:One-party rule

It took four years and we finally got rid of that hotel guy. A special counsel, with a multitude of attorneys that cost 32 million… Continue reading

LETTER:Thanks rescuers

On Wednesday, Feb 10, I wasn’t concerned about my husband Ken going out on a long walk despite the cold temperatures and, at 77, being… Continue reading

  • Feb 21, 2021

LETTER: Thanks for the help

Earlier this year I had an aneurysm at home that caused a stroke. The hospital in Port Angeles had me flown to Swedish Medical Center… Continue reading

  • Feb 19, 2021

LETTER: Horrific attacks

Donald Trump has been tried and acquitted for the “horrific attack” on the U.S. Capitol, but who has yet to be tried for the “horrific… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2021

LETTER: Shameless senators

Today, we have 43 senators who decided their jobs were more important than defending the Constitution. They allowed the former president to promote and viciously… Continue reading

  • Feb 18, 2021

LETTER: End filibusters

I am thrilled that the Democrats won the White House, held the House and flipped the Senate. However, there is a very powerful force blocking… Continue reading

  • Feb 17, 2021

LETTER:Opposes HB 1054

Legislators writing or enacting laws they have little or no understanding of should be a concern for all citizens. Having successfully developed the Long Beach… Continue reading

  • Feb 14, 2021

LETTER:Plan for salmon

A surprising and welcome initiative has been proposed by Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). What Rep. Simpson calls The Columbia Basin Fund could be enacted as… Continue reading

  • Feb 14, 2021

LETTER:Schools of Buddhism

Thank you for the column “What is the Pure Land Buddhism?” taken from The Conversation, an academic analysis. What was left off is that, Pure… Continue reading

  • Feb 14, 2021

LETTER: Save salmon

I was excited to read that Rep. Mike Simpson, a Republican from Idaho, has released a many-faceted proposal that would benefit every economic sector in… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

LETTER:Impeachment trial

The United States Senate voted to have an impeachment trial. This was approved with the votes of five RINO’S (Republicans In Name Only). The PDN… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

LETTER:Saving lives

All lives are worth saving. While volunteering at the Jamestown S’Klallam’s COVID vaccination clinic on Saturday I saw people drive through to get the free… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

LETTER: Mayor, move out

Sequim has been attracting lots of negative national attention thanks to Mayor William Armacost. The job of our mayor and city council is to do… Continue reading

  • Feb 11, 2021

LETTER: Sequim great town

News of our town has been the subject of controversy here so I thought I would add this. I moved to this lovely place 11… Continue reading

  • Feb 11, 2021