Letters to the Editor

LETTER:Diversity on Peninsula

I have lived on the Peninsula since the mid-1970s. I often feel marginalized and offended by how I am treated by local hospitals and other… Continue reading

  • Dec 8, 2022


LETTER:Attend meeting

It’s time for the public to take notice of the long-planned reservoir to store Dungeness River water. The 30 percent engineering plans are complete. The… Continue reading

  • Dec 6, 2022



I was curious about white supremacist Nick Fuentes surname so I did an online search. His name is of Spanish origin, meaning fountain. According to… Continue reading

  • Dec 3, 2022


LETTER:It’s the person

In response to the Nov. 8 letter “Hammers v. guns,” the author offers another view on a previous letter “Ban Hammers.” It appears the author… Continue reading

  • Dec 3, 2022

LETTER:Dangerous person

During the Republican Jewish Coalition annual leadership meeting in Las Vegas that ended Nov. 20, Mike Pompeo, former president Trump’s secretary of state and a… Continue reading

  • Nov 26, 2022


After reading a Suzanne DeBey column in the Peninsula Daily News, I asked a friend, who I think would know, whether there is persecution of… Continue reading

  • Nov 25, 2022

LETTER:No red wave

Surprise surprise, the polls, right and left wing media got it all wrong. Again. They were wrong in 2016, 2018, 2020, and now 2022. Why… Continue reading

  • Nov 25, 2022

LETTER:Letter campaign

Every year around Human Rights Day on Dec. 10, the Olympic Peninsula Amnesty International chapter invites everyone to join us in writing letters to free… Continue reading

  • Nov 19, 2022

LETTER:Hammers v. guns

I’m offering an alternative perspective to the Nov. 5 letter to the editor, “Ban Hammers.” The writer states “Or, we could recognize the fact that… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2022

LETTER: Good election

I served as a Democratic Party poll watcher at election headquarters at the Clallam County Courthouse. I observed first-hand the methodical work of Auditor Shoona… Continue reading

  • Nov 17, 2022

LETTER:Appreciates columnist

In response to the Nov. 8 letter “Dislikes columnist,” I will offer that I appreciate the columns by Mr. Charles Blow. I usually gain new… Continue reading

LETTER:Vaccine injuries

I’m writing this letter on Election Day, ignorant of what the outcome will be. Having become a single-issue voter for a concern that most chose… Continue reading

  • Nov 15, 2022

LETTER:Dislikes columnist

Charles Blow the, New York Times Op Ed writer that appears here in the pages of The Peninsula Daily News, is a one-trick pony, and… Continue reading

  • Nov 8, 2022

LETTER:Thanks volunteers

If you have enjoyed a bike ride, run or hike on any of our many local trails then you can thank a volunteer. If you’ve… Continue reading

  • Nov 8, 2022

LETTER:Keep it wild

Thirty years ago, a large portion of the Miller Peninsula State Park was saved from being turned into a Mitsubishi resort and expensive housing community… Continue reading

  • Nov 7, 2022

LETTER:Abortion rights

One in four American women has had an abortion in their lifetime. The rate was 1 in 3 before long-term hormonal contraceptives became available. Fifty-nine… Continue reading

  • Nov 5, 2022

LETTER:Backs Hays

As I watch our glaciers disappear, snow pack decline, rivers and salmon suffer increasingly dry summers and the ocean acidify, it’s hard to watch the… Continue reading

  • Nov 5, 2022

LETTER:Ban hammers

The Speaker of the House’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was savagely attacked with a hammer. The hammerman was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Never… Continue reading

  • Nov 5, 2022

LETTER:Benefits veterans

There are many different views about the effectiveness of our representatives in Washington. Yet for the tens of thousands of veterans and their families on… Continue reading

  • Nov 5, 2022

LETTER:Elephant in the room

A blind man approaches an elephant. He grabs the trunk and declares, “The elephant is a snake and therefore evil.” The blind man approaches the… Continue reading

  • Nov 5, 2022