Letters to the Editor

LETTER:Book of Will

I and a guest went to see “The Book of Will” at the Olympic Theater Arts. If you haven’t been to see this fun play,… Continue reading

  • Jun 25, 2022


LETTER: Freedom for some

Is voicing one’s dissenting opinion and beliefs a civil right protected under the First Amendment, or not? When did expressing an opposing opinion or belief… Continue reading

  • Jun 24, 2022


LETTER: Fishing spotted in Elwha River

In his May 18 column, Pat Neal writes that the fishing moratorium on the Elwha River “has again been reset to run until 2023 because… Continue reading


LETTER: Supports Climate Resiliency Plan

I applaud Port Angeles for its Climate Resiliency Plan. Just look to the mountains to see climate change impacts, including declining snowpack, disappearing glaciers and… Continue reading

LETTER: Morally wrong

I believe a ban on abortions is morally wrong for two reasons. No one can force me to donate my blood, provide bone marrow or… Continue reading

  • Jun 18, 2022

LETTER: Watch hearings

I think it is the duty of every citizen to watch the congressional hearings about the events of Jan. 6, 2021. If you truly support… Continue reading

  • Jun 18, 2022

LETER: Forever StreamFest

My husband, Jim Mantooth, and I never dreamed the North Olympic Land Trust’s StreamFest we hosted for a dozen years at our place would get… Continue reading

  • Jun 17, 2022

LETTER: Control Short-term rentals

Port Angeles is a special place. That secret is out and people are flocking here to take in the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. Increasing… Continue reading

  • Jun 16, 2022

LETTER:Censorship answer

Gun control, gun control, gun control is the mantra these days. Pass new laws to put an end to these horrific mass murders. Unfortunately, we… Continue reading

  • Jun 15, 2022

LETTER: Instant response

Permitting our children in public schools to be slaughtered by some crazed person seems to be what our society now accepts. The frequency of these… Continue reading

  • Jun 13, 2022

LETTER:Climate plan

The Climate Resilience Plan the City of Port Angeles has been working on since 2018 is finally coming to fruition. The Port Angeles Planning Commission… Continue reading

  • Jun 11, 2022

LETTER:Demand leadership

Every member of Congress, the president, vice president and every government employee, elected or appointed, is required to be a citizen. That must necessarily include… Continue reading

  • Jun 11, 2022

LETTER:Face masks

Wearing face masks is not about you. Regarding the June 4 PDN letter to the editors, it is sad and distressing to see people politicizing… Continue reading

  • Jun 11, 2022

LETTER:River center

I was lucky enough to attend the dedication and blessing of the new Dungeness River Nature Center. Not only was the attendance on such a… Continue reading

  • Jun 11, 2022

LETTER: Not equal?

I was appalled to read Pat Buchanan’s column “Perhaps all men are not created equal.” That was the textbook definition of racist, right there in… Continue reading

  • Jun 10, 2022

LETTER:Slay the dragon

May 1, PDN). The people of the world get along just fine. Cruise ships, and… Continue reading

  • Jun 4, 2022

LETTER: Seeks moderation

The divisions in America now had their origins in our shattering defeat in Vietnam. Radical feminists chose to seize power and to use it to… Continue reading

  • Jun 2, 2022

LETTER: Supports Second Amendment

Tired of massacres? Regulate violent behavior already. I may not be an esteemed columnist for the New York Times, but I believe I understand the… Continue reading

LETTER: US is a scary place

How many who are against abortion support the unlimited right to bear arms? How many of the babies they saved will grow up, go to… Continue reading

LETTER:End to rule of law

Justice Alito violated a lot more than precedent and much more than women’s reproductive choice in his leaked draft opinion reversing Roe. He violated our… Continue reading

  • May 28, 2022