Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Pride Month an important part of fighting historical amnesia

Pride Month may be over, but the fight for equality, respect and justice is far from done. Some folks may not understand why we celebrate… Continue reading

  • Jul 17, 2019


LETTER: Hatred makes Pride Month necessary

Why do celebrations of joy and love draw such hatred? Why are people who proudly proclaim their right to live, to exist in a world… Continue reading

  • Jul 16, 2019


LETTER: Keep the hyperbole out of climate discussions

A July 8 letter speaks of “insanity and nonsense” in recent Democratic presidential debates. Kind of hyperbolic, but could apply similarly to the 2015 Republican… Continue reading

  • Jul 15, 2019


LETTER: Reduced speed limit, not barriers, will improve Morse Creek safety

Accidents on the Morse Creek curves continue. Speed is the issue. A lower speed limit, taking into account the speeds that drivers typically exceed the… Continue reading

  • Jul 14, 2019

LETTER: Rise above uselessness and pain of discrimination

It’s 2019. Why are we still having these conversations? LGBTQ people are in Clallam County. We are in Clallam communities and perhaps even in your… Continue reading

  • Jul 14, 2019

LETTER: Shouldn’t be a forum to spew hate speech

The Peninsula Daily News contends under the heading of Have Your Say, “We will not publish letters that impugn the personal character of people or… Continue reading

LETTER: Show a little pride to get there

In his March 9 letter, “Writer dislikes Pride month,” a Port Angeles man frames his objection to Pride Month in biblical terms. But what does… Continue reading

  • Jul 14, 2019

LETTER: Buchanan fans the flames of division in America

Patrick Buchanan is spreading fake news again. See “Patriotism vs. anti-Americanism,” July 9. While he correctly chastises the political left in this country for gross… Continue reading

  • Jul 12, 2019

LETTER: Inslee should work on problems at home

With reference to “Think again” (PDN, July 7). Yet another letter that begins discussing one subject but soon evolves into a President Trump-hating liberal diatribe.… Continue reading

  • Jul 12, 2019

LETTER: No point in having issues with LGBTQ people

In response to the July 9 letter writer’s misguided view of Pride Month, these yearly festivities in cities around the world are an opportunity for… Continue reading

  • Jul 11, 2019

LETTER: Port Townsend would do well to research affordable housing schemes more

This letter is in response to the letter “Math and Money” (PDN, July 7). I totally support the writer’s point about cost-benefit to solve Port… Continue reading

  • Jul 11, 2019

LETTER: Writer dislikes Pride Month

Goodness, aren’t you glad the so-called “Pride Month” is over? I was intrigued at first, since I have always enjoyed nature shows about lions. But… Continue reading

  • Jul 9, 2019

LETTER: Nonsense in Democratic presidential candidate debates

I watched the Democratic presidential candidate debates, both nights, and the whole time I could hear the Looney Tunes theme in my mind. I’ve never… Continue reading

  • Jul 8, 2019

LETTER: Bigger things to worry about than jet overflights

To the thumb-sucking, whining weasels who hate Trump and you poor things that have your chakras briefly messed up because of the occasional fighter jet… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2019

LETTER: Genealogical research full of fun surprises

I love to find out about my ancestors. Genealogy is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. Nevertheless, I enjoy seeing photos and reading… Continue reading

LETTER: Outraged by governor’s, president’s expenses picked up by taxpayers

I fully sympathize with the letter to the editor writer “Like little people” (PDN, June 30) as far as taxpayers are concerned. Our governor is… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2019

LETTER: Port Townsend housing project shows no respect for math, money

I want to applaud OlyCAP for all they do to help the homeless and others on our Peninsula, but your article on their Port Townsend… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2019

LETTER: Severe penalties for pointing laser at aircraft

A recent article in the PDN titled, “Trial for Laser Charge Delayed,” (PDN, July 1) revealed that a local man is accused of firing his… Continue reading

  • Jul 5, 2019

LETTER: Unfair to radicalize agenda in education

What is a fair other than a period of time when children and adults bring the things that they have created to a central location… Continue reading

  • Jul 4, 2019

LETTER: Navy jets’ sound reminds writer of freedoms, sacrifice

Thank you, Navy FA-18 Growler pilots, for the sacrifices you make to ensure that we are free. Free enough to complain about the noise you… Continue reading

  • Jul 3, 2019