LETTER: Support democracy

Support democracy

The Sequim voting rights demonstration of Jan. 6, 2022, as well as local and national polls call for action by those who love the American way of life.

That love is demonstrated by respecting the rule of law, respecting the rights of all to be heard and respectfully cooperating with their fellows to improve our government.

The founders, most notably Thomas Jefferson, knew their experiment in government depended upon continuous improvement by an informed populace.

Today, we are at risk from those who disrespect us and our government by seeking power through voter suppression, unsupported news and social media lies, fear mongering and propaganda rewrites of the 2021 insurrection.

National polls indicate that only 40 percent of GOP supporters see the death of five people and extensive property damage as violent.

Unfortunately, misinformed GOP supporters follow the lead of the ex-president who asked his followers to “fight like hell” and recently stated that he would pardon the perpetrators if re-elected.

Nationally syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan characterized the insurrection as a “…mere riot.”

Other pseudo-news channels minimize the Capitol attack.

Sadly, under the Trump’s GOP leadership, the world confidence in us to do the right thing fell to 16 percent.

Fortunately, it rebounded last summer to 75 percent.

So if you don’t want to lose control of Congress and have Trump and his GOP lackeys in office in 2024, vote in the looming November mid-term election.

Our democracy depends on you.

Bill Atkinson

Port Angeles