LETTER: Fishing spotted in Elwha River

In his May 18 column, Pat Neal writes that the fishing moratorium on the Elwha River “has again been reset to run until 2023 because the Elwha salmon are failing to utilize the restored habitat.”

I don’t agree with that statement because in the Elwha River and its tributaries between the two former dams, I have seen adult steelhead, four species of adult salmon and juvenile coho and chinook salmon.

I have also found empty fishing lure wrappers on the river.

I once talked to three young people who were fishing on the river.

They showed me where the salmon were that they were trying to catch and were surprised that the river was closed.

I wondered later if they had seen the sign on the U.S. Highway 101 bridge which says, “No Fishing From Bridge.”

If I didn’t live here and saw that sign, I would think that the river was open.

The sign should be changed to say “No Fishing.”

The “From Bridge” part could be added later if the river ever reopens to fishing.

Edwin Johnson

Port Angeles