LETTER: Disturbing the peace

We have lived just outside Sequim city limits since 2009, and have enjoyed the peace and quiet.

What once was a bit of noise from an occasional private plane has grown into a flat out nuisance.

Joy rides for pilots have become noisy and obnoxious for those of us who live below.

Today, one plane circled our house at least four times and was followed by two different pairs of planes circling down low.

I can hear another now.

Plane noise disturbed me while I was sick in bed a couple days ago, and it isn’t easy to get a toddler down for a nap when the planes just keep coming.

If you are a pilot or know someone who is, I would be really grateful if you could move your circling to somewhere other than obvious residential areas.

Your noise is disruptive, inconsiderate and just plain rude.

Surely, there are less-populated areas where you could fly.

Or better yet, given the state of the environment, cut back on your flights.

Those of us who take issue with needless noise and air pollution will appreciate it.

Brenda Jennings