LETTER: Stop blaming the unvaccinated

Please, we need to stop blaming the unvaccinated for the continuing COVID-19 restrictions.

The vaccine was developed as a protection against, not an eradication of, the virus.

A healthy body can withstand this viral infiltration. It is designed to do so.

The vaccine itself does not kill the virus but works in conjunction with the body’s natural defenses.

Democracy was designed to allow for the diversity of perspective and experience, for a right to choose.

Totalitarianism is no choice.

I prefer to live in a country where choices are offered, don’t you?

We live in a toxic world created by our action and non-action via policies, laws, mandates, institutions, business practices, etc.

Our air, our water and oceans, our soil and food, our homes and work places are contaminated.

And a healthy body is vital to our ability to withstand this viral infiltration.

Please let us not be distracted by blaming the unvaccinated and turn our attention instead upon our way of life.

Let us turn our attention to the consequences of such a life that continues to degrade and destroy our health.

Please, let us focus on what we need to change in order to ensure thriving health for us all.

There’s so much we could be doing other than blaming, shaming and ostracizing others.

Joan Purdy