LETTER: Nothing to celebrate this July 4

Here’s why I did not put up my buntings and flags this Fourth of July.

All three major news networks showed the same three video clips, the night the new Roe decision was first leaked.

The clips were of each of the justices appointed by the former president at their confirmation hearings in front of Congress.

Each was asked directly about their positions on Roe v. Wade, and they flat out lied.

Each one of them in essence said that Roe was the established law of the land, and there was no further question.

Each one lied under oath to the entire congress and all people of our country.

All three of them set out purposefully to deceive the United States.

Evidently there is absolutely no recourse in this country for such blatant and obvious perjury.

Then, two weeks ago, Time magazine reported that the United States had given innocent Ukraine only 10 percent of what Zelensky has been pleading for.

The United States is the largest, most powerful and richest military presence in the world.

We supposedly stand as the leader of Western democracy, yet we are doing but a pittance to defend against the scourge of yet another barbarian dictators’ invasion of Europe.

Our country is clearly not at all the pillar of international democracy, justice and truth that it purports to be.

I weep for the loss of my country, and that’s why I no longer fly our flag.

Kristen Larson

Port Angeles