LETTER: Supports Climate Resiliency Plan

I applaud Port Angeles for its Climate Resiliency Plan.

Just look to the mountains to see climate change impacts, including declining snowpack, disappearing glaciers and reduced summer water supply.

So it’s essential and prudent that we all plan how to reduce emissions and buffer ourselves from the most acute impacts of the climate emergency.

Extreme weather events like heat domes and increased floods, wildfire smoke, ocean acidification impacts to marine life, etc. — no aspect of life is immune.

Scientists have warned us for decades, but we collectively haven’t taken it seriously enough.

The delay of 50 years since President Jimmy Carter donned a sweater and installed solar on the White House means the task is even more daunting and urgent but not impossible, despite the observed reality of worldwide climate disruption outpacing even the pessimistic models.

Unfortunately, what is a function of physics and temperature became politicized.

But thermometers and atmospheric processes don’t care about political affiliations.

We are all vulnerable.

So kudos for moving forward.

I hope this and other local climate plans become more than paper intentions, that they are implemented soon.

Steps that help us survive these challenges and emerge with more efficient buildings and transport systems, bike-friendly, walkable communities, more resilient, renewable local energy production, critical infrastructure out of harm’s way and other ideas, will improve quality of life and help this community thrive into the future.

And we’ll be better prepared for other natural disasters like earthquakes.

Janis Burger

Port Angeles