PAT NEAL: The space race

THIS IS A momentous week in the history of the United States. It was just 50 years ago on July 20, 1969, that America put… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: A berry good time

THIS IS THE season we wait for all year when you can walk into almost any patch of woods or meadow and stuff your gullet… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Teens, music and cheap caffeine

LAST SATURDAY EVENING was Moonlight Madness in Forks and packs of teens roamed downtown. The music was loud and amply filled the space between the… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Feasting — without the boom

THE NERVE OF this guy, bringing lasers instead of fireworks for Port Townsend’s Old School 4th of July. I mean that in a positive way.… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: ‘Lord of the Flies,’ in a raft

IT WAS WRONG to assert in last week’s column that, “Stereotyping and profiling have no place on a nature float. Unless you are talking about… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Youngsters on the river

THIS IS A magical time of year when you see a lot of youngsters on the river. It started with a hatch of merganser chicks… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: ‘A people problem’ on the West End

THE BIG DOG showed up at our gate with a bullet hole in its head. My husband discerned that it went in under its left… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Wildlife roulette

THERE’S A CERTAIN tension in the woods these days. The animals are nervous, as if they have something to hide. They do. There is a… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The Circus is Coming to Town

THE CIRCUS IS coming to town! No, this one doesn’t involve caged animals. It’s even worse. This is a bureaucratic circus for the enjoyment of… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Facts? Nah. Fabulous? Oh yes.

TURNS OUT SIR Elton John, deep down, is an eminently relatable guy. “Rocketman,” which I just experienced at the Starlight Room in Port Townsend, is… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The woodpecker war, continued

THEY SAY THERE’S no place like home, that home is where your heart is and every man’s home is his castle. All of which may… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The woodpecker war

IT’S NESTING SEASON in this bird watcher’s paradise we call the Olympic Peninsula. Many rare and colorful species of our feathered friends are raising their… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Just how beautiful it is on the West End

LUKE TOLD ME, “It takes like six or seven hours to drive out here.” He is 11 years old and lives in Seattle. He and… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The all new First Salmon Ceremony

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news. A historic event we’ve all been waiting for finally came to pass. It was a media circus… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: The electric horsewoman

and it feels great. One impossibly sunny afternoon last week, I test-rode a Trek Verve. As soon as… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Wilderness crime fighters

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news. As spring blossoms into summer, the residents of the Olympic Peninsula are able to observe the seasonal… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: A long drive for dad

I COME FROM a line of lead-foot drivers, but not the kind with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. We drive… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Bigfoot believes in me

A RECENT OPINION poll on the Peninsula Daily News website asked, “Sasquatch: Real or myth?” A more appropriate question, given the recent one-day opening of… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: It’s May Day

MAY DAY IS much more than just another pagan festival celebrating the return of the sun or a communist country’s excuse for a parade. May… Continue reading