LETTER: Fall Fest

My wife and I would like to congratulate Stephanie and all the volunteers who planned and put on the wonderful event called “Fall Fest.” It… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2021

LETTER: How is this patriotic?

Once again, I read a person calling the inconsiderate people who have refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 “Great Patriots.” How are they patriotic in… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2021

Letter: Exemptions

Exemptions I was disappointed to read that 259 employees, 16 percent of the staff, at Olympic Medical Center were granted a religious or medical exemption… Continue reading

  • Oct 25, 2021

Letter: Rogers best choice

I am a friend of Karen Rogers and going to state why I am voting for her. Karen knows the needs of our community, having… Continue reading

  • Oct 25, 2021

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Claiming her story in her own words

This is a 99 percent match for you, Netflix told me. Maybe the algorithm knows I live in Port Townsend, where “Maid,” the 10-episode series… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: An answer to an age old queston

It was daylight on the river. We were sitting in the vapors of a fog-shrouded valley trying to solve the central problems of human existence.… Continue reading

LETTER: Backs Wennstrom

I strongly support Libby Wennstrom for Port Townsend City Council. As an elected precinct committee officer with the Jefferson County Democratic Party, I’ve come to… Continue reading

  • Oct 18, 2021

LETTER: For Jena Stamper

As the local elections draw near, I would like you to consider what kind of city we want to be. In the last few years,… Continue reading

  • Oct 18, 2021

LETTER: Vote for incumbents

I’m casting my ballot for the current Port Angeles City Council because of their accomplishments. Notable of these are tax relief for low-income property owners,… Continue reading

  • Oct 18, 2021

PAT NEAL: The ‘Miracle of the Salmon’

This year’s big run of humpies, or pink salmon, in the Dungeness River is like a miracle. It brings to mind the first recorded “Miracle… Continue reading

LETTER: Lives, not rights, in danger

On the 19th of this month, my friend died of COVID-19. She was diagnosed just the day before, and by morning she was dead, her… Continue reading

  • Oct 11, 2021
matt deines

POINT OF VIEW: Proposed IRS policy concerning

Death and taxes are both inevitable, according to Benjamin Franklin. While paying taxes is never enjoyable, they do serve a purpose of providing and maintaining… Continue reading

  • Oct 8, 2021
matt deines

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: The transformation of a life

the Clallam Bay Corrections Center — where… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The forecast for this winter

Autumn must be my favorite time of year. If only because it helps us to prepare for winter. You remember winter? Maybe you were so… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Sympathy for the Fish Cop

Thank you for reading this. You send the most interesting letters. One of the best came as a response to my explanation of how our… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Try not to get lost

Who says there is no good news these days? A lost backpacker was found after four days by search and rescue teams made up of… Continue reading

LETTER: Hard to believe

I am deeply disturbed about the Sequim City Council’s recent resolution. It is not the job of the council to take sides in this medical… Continue reading

  • Sep 20, 2021

LETTER: Personal responsibility

I would ask the crowd of anti-vax/anti-mask advocates who threatened Dr. Allison Berry because of mandates to protect our community from COVID-19 to go back… Continue reading

  • Sep 20, 2021

PAT NEAL: Disaster Preparedness month

By now we’ve all about had it up to here with the nanny-state government telling us what to do. The last I heard, this was… Continue reading

“Alone Together," edited by Jennifer Haupt, is a collection of essays penned in the time of COVID-19.

Book collects COVID-19 experience

It’s a strange sensation to hold this book in my hands now. The 258-page paperback, slightly oversized, is a vessel full of true stories straight… Continue reading

“Alone Together," edited by Jennifer Haupt, is a collection of essays penned in the time of COVID-19.