PAT NEAL: The royal visit

IT’S BEEN ANOTHER tough week in the news with the recurring snowmaggedon, the heartbreaking Seahawks playoff loss to the Packers and the month long shutdown… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Rainforest expedition

IT WAS A dark and stormy night. Inside the cabin, the wood stove glowed red with venison stew simmering, fresh baked biscuits and a whistling… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Looking forward, with women ‘Little’ and powerful

WE’RE DUE FOR stories of triumph as we start this new year, don’t you think? It’s easy to feel defeated now and again. But here… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Happy New Year

THANK YOU FOR reading this. Sometimes I think if you didn’t read this, no one would. Writing our nation’s only weekly wilderness gossip column is… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Merry Christmas anyway

THIS HAS BEEN a controversial Christmas season in the controversial year where everything is offensive if you think about it long and hard enough and… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: His mother’s son

EMPATHY AND FACEBOOK combine in a kind of cowboy winter-gear drive out here in the badlands of Port Townsend. Aki Avelino has just finished rustling… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Yes, Virginia, there is a steelhead

(WITH APOLOGIES TO Francis Pharcellus Church, editor of the New York Sun, Dec. 21, 1897.) I am 8 years old. My family and I have… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Flu season shots help

THIS IS A morning that can make you feel like a spawned-out salmon headed downstream tail first. Now, I am not going to waste valuable… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Six words say it well

I’D GIVEN UP on finding the Sacred Heart. Husband Phil and I drove into and all around the Spokane Indian Reservation in search of it,… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: The holiday marathon

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news made even tougher by the long Thanksgiving weekend. For one thing, people are questioning the history, ethics… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: A Dirty Thirties Thanksgiving

THIS IS A story of an Olympic Peninsula family celebrating Thanksgiving in the olden days. It was back in the Depression, the Dirty Thirties. Pa… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: ‘Breath and resonance in real space’

DON’T DREAD THE winter, I tell myself. Dread doesn’t help anything. Going outside does. Let me explain. On a recent rainy, windy afternoon I saw… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Our disappearing ferns

IT ALL STARTED with an attempt to share in nature’s bounty and celebrate the harvest of wild foods. It was a bad idea that just… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Bring back the spawners

IT WAS AN early morning on the river. I was launching a boat in the dark. This is all part of a fishing guide’s client-hazing… Continue reading

POINT OF VIEW: Stolen valor hurts all veterans

False claims lead to passing of act

  • Nov 11, 2019

A tribute to four Peninsula residents who have received the Medal of Honor

EDITOR’S NOTE: This column by PDN Senior Staff Writer Paul Gottlieb first appeared Nov. 10, 2000. We print an updated version every Veterans Day. A… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Saying yes, and writing again

SUCH A PLEASURE to talk with my friend Alice after a series of emails. Hearing Alice Derry’s voice on the phone is like hot tea… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Getting along in the country

AN AWFUL LOT of city folks are moving to the country these days and they want to know how to get along with the country… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: A legend of the lost

THIS HAS BEEN a banner year for lost and injured hikers. As of Labor Day, 71 people were rescued or recovered from Olympic National Park.… Continue reading

POINT OF VIEW: The problems with I-976

TAXES TAKE A cut out of our personal and business resources and of course no one likes paying them. Small business owners especially loathe taxes,… Continue reading

  • Oct 30, 2019