LETTER: Biden impeachment

Biden impeachment

I recently wrote our U.S. Representative, Derek Kilmer, to ask him to be nonpartisan enough to vote to impeach President Biden if and when it came time to vote.

He voted to impeach President Trump on the lame charges brought against him.

I thought Kilmer could do no less this time.

The response from Mr. Kilmer was “I have not seen any evidence that President Biden has committed an impeachable offense or that he is unfit to hold public office.”


Joe Biden may be the most corrupt president in American history, with mountains of evidence against him.

He shows he is unfit mentally every time he speaks.

Everyone knew Biden was corrupt when they voted for him, but they had to beat the bad orange man, at any cost.

Well the cost may very well be World War III.

Voting for known corruption says more about the voter than the corrupt politician.

Apparently our representative in D.C. is as corrupt as the president, or at least lacking political integrity.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles