paul larsen

POINT OF VIEW: Working together means staying apart

2020 HAS BEEN an interesting year. I can’t think of anything I would want more right now than to be with friends and family over… Continue reading

  • Dec 11, 2020
paul larsen

PAT NEAL: Waiting for steelhead season

IT’S BEEN ANOTHER tough week in the news, as we wait for the state to decide if they’ll cancel steelhead season. This would be devastating… Continue reading

Brian Smith, PAPD

POINT OF VIEW: Many suggested police reforms already adopted by WASPC

I READ WITH some interest the article by the Associated Press in the Dec. 2 Peninsula Daily News on police reform in Washington state. Very… Continue reading

Brian Smith, PAPD

PDN reporter tells of fight with cancer

‘I’m glad I’m alive’


DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Finding ways to make connections

HAVING SPENT NIGHTS and days in hospitals with my family members, I figured I knew how things work in there. I also believed complaints get… Continue reading

  • Dec 2, 2020

PAT NEAL: A COVID Christmas letter

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU SURVIVED the latest COVID-holiday, Thanksgiving. Where we gathered together to celebrate the fact that we didn’t burn the house down frying the turkey,… Continue reading

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons In reference to the article sharing the legacy of William Shore family gift of $15,000 in support of swimming lessons for the youth… Continue reading

  • Nov 30, 2020

PAT NEAL: A ‘Dirty Thirties’ Thanksgiving

THIS IS A story of an Olympic Peninsula family celebrating Thanksgiving in the olden days. “It was back in the Depression, the ‘Dirty Thirties.’ Pa… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: ‘Neverending Story’ shines bright

THE LIGHT BULB blazed on courtesy of Anna Andersen, director of Port Angeles High School’s production of “The Neverending Story,” to live-stream its final three… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: It’s spawning season again

IT WAS DAYLIGHT on the river on a dark and dismal day. It’s a favorite time of year. When the rain cleans the river of… Continue reading


Four North Olympic Peninsula residents have received Medal of Honor

Veterans fought in Civil War, World War II, Vietnam


PAT NEAL: Opening day of elk season

IT WAS DAYLIGHT in the swamp on the opening day of elk season. It is a day steeped in a tradition that harkens back to… Continue reading

Jim McEntire

POINT OF VIEW: Reflections on open-carry of firearms

By Jim McEntire THERE’S BEEN TALK of post-election unrest, making me think about how to exercise our gun rights safely and wisely. Don’t take the… Continue reading

  • Nov 8, 2020
Jim McEntire
A labyrinth is tucked into the forest at H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum. photo Diane Urbani de la Paz

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Walks of life, indoors and out

RUSHING TO CATCH the water taxi, I shifted into high walking speed. All day I’d wandered Venice, taking in as much of the Biennale, a… Continue reading

A labyrinth is tucked into the forest at H.J. Carroll Park in Chimacum. photo Diane Urbani de la Paz

PAT NEAL: The day after the election

“THE WHOLE COUNTRY is going to hell in a bucket now that we’ve elected those idiots,” my fancy friend shrieked the day after the election.… Continue reading

Becca Korby

Law enforcement aids victims of crimes

IF YOU’RE COMPELLED to call for defunding law enforcement in our community/county, I invite you to rethink your position. What has happened to so many… Continue reading

  • Nov 1, 2020
Becca Korby

PAT NEAL: How to get lost

AUTUMN MUST BE my favorite time of year. There are just so many things to do in this outdoor recreational wonderland that we call home.… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: Safe passage for wildlife and humans

INSTEAD OF DREADING the soggy Sunday, I went diving into the rain. Yes, I made a plan to explore Port Townsend’s Quimper Wildlife Corridor at… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: October fishing madness

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news. An invasion of desperate anglers spread quickly across the Olympic Peninsula from the Dungeness River, west to… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: A star is born

Embarking on a new reality television career