TrueSelf Reviews: Free Personality Test for Real Results? (TrueSelf.io Enneagram System)

Self-actualization enables one to realize better who they are, their strength, and their weakness. After understanding one’s personality, it’s easy to become more of who someone is or learn from past mistakes. Knowing oneself represents an amalgam of hope, fear, and beliefs, and the acceptance that emanates from within.

Once people understand their personalities, they tend to grow or take a transformative approach. How can one come to a true realization of who they are? TrueSelf.io advanced personality tests can enable people to understand their real characters, definitions, and awareness. Here’s a review on the TrueSelf.io personality test and how it works.

What’s TrueSelf.io?

It’s an online platform that involves a few minutes of the test. The test provides users with deep insight into their personalities. The free and advanced Enneagram Personality Test showcases answers on self-actualization. The results accurately inspire and provide full realization of their true self. The test’s creator claims that it reveals the hidden and untapped potential of one’s personality. The TrueSelf.io personality reading platform reveals one’s secrets as depicted in the below spectrum:

  • It deepens self-awareness and hidden talents and gives one purpose in life
  • The test unlocks the user’s hidden potential and hidden abilities
  • One discovers all the blind spots that hold them back from exploring the beauty of life
  • It reveals the hidden depths of one’s personality

What Does the User Gain from the TrueSelf.io Personality Reading Test?

The creator has formulated the test in 15 sections to enable one to discover their real personality. The TrueSelf Enneagram Personality Test has the following sections:

  • One’s true personality type
  • How one perceives the world
  • What one is capable of doing or accomplishing, including talents
  • What’s one’s motivational factor
  • Core Wiring
  • What someone fears
  • Core Needs
  • The core desires one wishes to fulfill
  • Core Beliefs one follows
  • What a person like
  • Things that one dislikes
  • Strategies that one follows
  • Impact of Strategies
  • What stands out about someone
  • Attention and Focus

The creator claims employees in large companies use the test to know more about themselves and team building. Some common channels used include Facebook, M & T bank, Vmware, Kajabi, Walgreens, and Chewy.

How to Use TrueSelf.io Personality Test

Once the user launches the official platform, they need to click on the “Start Your Free Personality Test” tab to take the test. Then they need to select their gender.

To get the most accurate results, they need to provide answers about their teenage years to adulthood in the age bracket of 15-24. Further, they must provide details of their life’s most truthful moments

They must select cards in order of the truest to the least true answers, then hit the” Got it! Let’s Start” button. One is redirected to pop-up windows bearing lists of personality types where they need to tap while selecting their preferred answers. The user has to select the answers systemically till completion.

A pop-up window appears, claiming they need to answer a few questions, and they are almost done. Upon clicking Ok, one gets to the selection of likes and beliefs, and they should select the answers based on priorities.

Finally, the results are alchemized, and the user needs to provide their name and email for the TrueSelf.io personality profile results. One selects on their interests and gets their comprehensive results. In addition, the results relate your personality to celebrities with similar personality types.

What Does Enneagram Entail?

An Enneagram refers to an approach of personality typing that showcases various models of how users perceive the world in managing their feelings and emotions. The Enneagram model showcases nine personality types, each having detailed illustrations in relation to others.

Based on the Enneagram system, personality types are defined by core values on how one perceives the world. The beliefs define one’s fear or motivation and illustrate people’s preferences towards people and the world.

The creator of the personality test model claims that the core beliefs may not be incorrect but can limit people. Understanding the Enneagram type and its significance in defining perceptions can broaden people’s perspectives and enable them to problem-solve.

The approach defines people’s character and enables them to realize who they are fully.

Every Enneagram type comprises its core beliefs that might motivate people to take a different approach in life and guide them in making certain decisions. Behavioral changes may be contradictory and can only be defined by a person’s Enneagram type.

In addition, the Enneagram system helps people manage stress. Once their Enneatype is defined, they view their strengths and weaknesses and work towards achieving better results and being a better version. The TrueSelf.io Enneagram personality test also reveals opportunities for personal development and aid in people’s coexistence.

Final Verdict

Knowing one’s personality aids enables them to understand themselves better and the people around them. In addition, they get to know their strengths and weaknesses. TrueSelf.io personality test is designed with a friendly user interface to let people know themselves and develop a stronger bond with their loved ones.

The platform requires one to follow on-screen instructions to completion in getting a compressive report on their personality. The creator has adopted an easy-to-use enneagram for users by incorporating short structured choices that users select in ranks. The advanced test enables one to add value to the team they work with and to their families. It maps out one’s personality to enable people to change their preferences, motifs, attitude, and other core values.



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