Nomad Security Camera Reviews – Does It Really Work?

The Nomad Security Camera is a device that allows users to keep a watchful eye over their home, whether indoors or outdoors. Consumers just have to install it in a working light bulb socket to provide necessary support to keep it going.

What is the Nomad Security Camera?

The world is constantly changing, and there’s no way to realistically have eyes on every part of a home during every part of the day. However, there’s times when no one is home (or only a few loved ones), and security cameras offer a little comfort that the owner can see if anything goes awry. Installing an entire security system takes a lot of time, money, and energy. However, the Nomad Security Camera is much easier to install.

The Nomad Security Camera comes with many benefits, including sensors that will instantly activate the recording when movement is sensed. It works for activity all day long, using infrared technology when the lack of light at night can obstruct the camera’s view. Plus, any movement will trigger a motion light, even if the movement isn’t significant. Along with being able to view anything that triggers the camera, the Nomad Camera also has a two-way intercom system that allows users to hear any audio and communicate with anyone on the other side.

When users are all set up with their cameras, they connect with local Wi-Fi to start monitoring from a mobile device. It’s compatible with most smartphones (Android and Apple included), and everything can be recovered on an SD card with 64 GB of storage. Users won’t need any specific type of bulb outlet because it works with a standard fitting. Since this fitting connects it to electricity, users won’t need a battery to keep it powered.

Security is important for any home or office, but many people worry about the cost or invasive installation. A home should still feel like a home, not a security office. Having a way to track anyone who delivers a package, any possible pest sighting, or even just a sweet moment as kids go off to school is as easy as twisting in this camera. Without any extra materials, consumers can spend a few minutes to keep track of what happens at their front door.


Setting It Up

The only way to get the desired surveillance by the Nomad Security Camera is to install it. While others might require a professional to line up all the cords and wires, that’s not the case with this device.

Start by choosing which light fixture the camera would offer the best view from. Many people choose their porch light because it offers a perfect view of their front door in case they have a delivery or notice a break-in. Others put the camera in their living room to get a good view for babysitting services and other purposes.

Once it is twisted into the light socket, users just have to keep the power on to ensure that it starts recording whenever motion is detected. The videos will record on an SD card and can be viewed on the user’s smartphone in real time.


Purchasing a Nomad Security Camera for 50% Off

The only way that consumers can purchase a Nomad Security Camera is by visiting the official website. This website has a few different packages, depending on how many cameras the user wants to surveil their home.

With the 50% discount already factored in, the packages include:

  • One Nomad camera for $46.00, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.
  • Two Nomad cameras for $46.00 each, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.
  • Three Nomad cameras for $39.00 each, with free shipping.
  • Four Nomad cameras for $39.00 each, with free shipping.
  • Five Nomad cameras for $39.00 each, with free shipping.
  • Ten Nomad cameras for $29.00 each, with free shipping.

At checkout, users can also add the Extended Protection and Replacement Warranty for $21.00 when they complete their order. This extended protection lasts for 2 years.

All purchases are covered by a 30-day return policy. Currently, there are over 100 cameras left, but there’s no guarantee that they will have inventory available for those who wait.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nomad Security Camera

What’s included in the purchase of the Nomad Security Camera system?

With every package, consumers will receive a Nomad Security Camera, a tool kit that has everything users need for installation, an instruction manual, and a 30-day return policy. Plus, the website currently provides users with a 50% discount as an introductory offer for the launch of the system.

What is the installation process like when setting up the Nomad Security Camera?

The best part about this camera is that consumers don’t have to spend hours to get an entire system up and running. The creators explain that the process only takes a few minutes because the camera can go into any light bulb socket. Then, they wirelessly connect with any smartphone when the user downloads the app. Users can view the entire manual on the app, which gives more detailed installation instructions, but the process is still very simple.

When the camera records, where is the recording stored?

Though other security systems come with storage fees, all of the recordings from the Nomad Security Camera can be loaded onto a 64 GB card as it records.

Can the camera be used indoors or outdoors?

Yes. While it is important to avoid direct rain exposure, the model can be used in most weather conditions.

What’s the right type of phone to use with the Nomad Security Camera?

If the user has an iPhone or Android smartphone, it is compatible with the corresponding app. Users will get a QR code with their purchase, so they just have to take a picture to get the link for the app. There’s not a lot of work to do to get this product setup.

Can users share the video feed with multiple devices?

Yes. The Nomad camera is made to be accessible for multiple smartphones.

What if the power goes out?

The only way this camera doesn’t work is if it doesn’t have power, which means that a power outage will likely result in an interruption in recording. Once the power is back on, normal function will return with the Power Protect Technology.

What level of quality are the recordings?

Every video is filmed with 1080p resolution, making it easy to view a clear image on a phone screen or a tablet.

What’s the image quality of the camera recordings?

The camera records in 1080p resolution and shows crystal clear on your phone’s screen or tablet.

How long does delivery take?

Most purchases arrive within a week of the order being placed.

The customer service team can be reached by calling 1-855-761-9424 or sending a message to support@nomadsecuritycameria.com.


The Nomad Security Camera provides users with a helpful way to keep track of anything that goes on around their home. The camera is easy to install, and it doesn’t require any new hardware to enter the home. Users only need a working light socket to install the camera, and it starts recording the moment it senses any motion. If this device doesn’t work, they can return it within a month of the purchase.



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