5 Best College Essay Writing Services (2022)

If you are seeking a reputable college essay writing service, this article will help you find the most trustworthy options that will fit well for most academic writing tasks. Since there is a great variety of what can be done, it is only natural to approach an expert who can assist you with selecting a good topic or guide you through formatting or thesis statement challenges. If you have never approached college essay writers before, it’s high time to get ready and explore the best offerings along with our team. If you are a student running out of time, have too many assignments that you cannot complete, or simply want to improve your grades by getting help online, this little guide will help you to make the safe choice of professional college essay writing options!


  • What The Service Offers. EduBirdie belongs to those college essay writing offerings that provide you with all the possible types of essay writing. Since they have been in this business for over eight years, they could earn themselves a positive reputation among college students and educators alike. Offering professional college essay help, it is one of those services that allow you to talk to your writer directly, which helps to eliminate all the possible communication barriers. If it is your first experience asking for help online, it’s the safest choice.
  • Can You Trust It? Based on our personal experience and the numerous reviews that we could locate online, this company belongs to legit services that can be trusted for most academic tasks. If you need something specific, make sure to discuss and explain your scientific plans first to guarantee that you have been understood correctly. In terms of essay writing services legit standing, they offer safe payment methods, and free revisions, and will not ask you to pay until you are content with the results.
  • Placing an Order Experience. We have tested this famous service with three different college essays (debates, personal journals, and compare-and-contrast assignments). The quality has been top of the pops in most cases and the debates file only needed structure corrections. No plagiarism problems as the originality have been high. The grammar, formatting, and sources have all been referenced properly.
  • Pricing. The service belongs to affordable options and the prices start at only $13.99 per page. This college paper writing service is also able to handle your urgent order if you have 3 hours left to submit your paper. We haven’t tried this option, yet online reviews claim that the papers are usually delivered on time.
  • Customer Reviews Online. With 4.7 out of 5 points, they belong to the top in terms of quality and satisfaction of the clients. The majority of reviews that we could find have been positive as the service works hard to improve things and hire only experienced writers. As we spoke to our writer on more than one occasion, their tactics really pay off!
  • Customer Support. Their customer support is available 24/7 and we have tested them both late at night and early in the morning to determine their time of response. They are always helpful and do not hide when you ask them about revisions or their experience with refunds.

Should You Consider It? They provide you with direct contact with professional college essay writers which ensures high quality and satisfaction. Free revisions and a wide range of services make them a safe and reliable company choice to consider.

Study Clerk

  • What The Service Offers. When you need a college essay writer for book reviews, critique of newspapers, journalistic work, or assistance with social sciences, this should be your primary choice as the company seems to focus on this type of college essay writing. They first started in 2018 but have already gained a solid client base with a plethora of positive feedback.
  • Can You Trust It? They are one of the safest options because they let you evaluate and see the paper and pay only when you are happy with the results. It keeps you safe and allows them to avoid the risks of refunds. Both free revision and refunds are possible and we have tried a free revision, which has worked well. There are safe payment methods and their customer support will always help you if you get stuck with the order placement.
  • Placing an Order Experience. According to our records, this has been one of the easiest processes just like with other college paper writing services on our list, where placing an order only took us about five minutes. The quality of the results has been reputable as the papers have been formatted according to our instructions and we have spotted no grammar or plagiarism issues. The free revision for one of the tasks has been performed promptly.
  • Pricing. They ask for $13.99 per page, yet it is only a starting price and things usually go up, depending on your final deadline. Still, they belong to affordable services that also provide editing and proofreading along with a bibliography and the sources. If you consider all the benefits that you get when getting help, it is totally worth it, in our humble opinion.
  • Customer Reviews Online. The company has a somewhat limited online presence, yet the customer feedback that we could locate online speaks in favor of this college essay writing service. Offering college essay writing help, they are praised for timely delivery and their attitude. We have also noticed stellar grammar and good communication with the writers in terms of time and asking questions to ensure the final quality and clarity.
  • Customer Support. Their customer support is where they truly stand out from the rest because they are always supportive and will always cheer you up even when you are about to fail your course or do not even know what kind of assignment help you require.

Should You Consider It? They provide you with professional college paper writers that know their job well. The company is fully open about its practices and has one of the best customer support teams we have ever encountered dealing with writing services.

A Research Guide

  • What The Service Offers. This time we have decided to go for something a bit different that is more focused on academic research work. While not every college student might enjoy it when looking for assistance with a personal statement, this company has been around for 12 years and knows its niche well. Their college writing services are aimed at research papers and students that seek something more complex. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you cannot request a simple essay!
  • Can You Trust It? This service has won over ten different awards from academic communities worldwide for its contribution to various fields and its free materials that help students to learn more about how to compose a research paper.
  • Placing an Order Experience. Placing an order with this company actually turned into a very special experience as they have asked us to tell them about our objectives first and have made sure that they understand things correctly. Once everything has been settled down, they have connected us to the most suitable experts to work with. It took longer than usual, yet turned into a perfect assignment that had no flaws. You can safely approach them with your I need help writing a paper for college and they shall respond and help you choose the best writer based on your needs.
  • Pricing. They ask for $14.99 per page, yet once again it is only the starting price and only means the starting point that you will get. You may also negotiate the final payment before you place an order. It will always depend on your deadline, so having time for an order is always recommended.
  • Customer Reviews Online. They do not have many reviews but it does not mean that this company is unreliable. Quite far from it! They are a hidden gem in the academic community that you must consider when choosing a safe college writing service. The majority of customers that have posted belong to educational institutions or represent custom educational courses, which already speaks in favor of choosing them!
  • Customer Support. Their customer support is always available. They will walk the extra mile to talk to you so they understand what must be done before they tell the writers to write papers for college students. They are a great team that knows how to help you achieve success.

Should You Consider It? If you are looking for a service to handle your research work and want to cooperate with verified specialists, this must be your primary choice. Albeit a bit expensive, they are worth it! Don’t forget to check all the essay freebies that they have on offer!

Essay Vikings

  • What The Service Offers. If you are expecting to find the Nordic cold and the fierce winds as you make your way through the college challenges, you are quite far off! They are a friendly team of academic writers with a nice website. They offer a large selection of professional paper writers for college tasks that range from resume writing and brief essays to reviews and coursework papers. We could not determine whether they are a new or an old company, yet they are legit and worth checking!
  • Can You Trust It? Absolutely! They are suitable not only for college but also for high school tasks that go according to the national curriculum. They offer free revisions and refunds along with a good selection of safe payment methods. If you need help writing college papers, they might be one of the best options as they are also the most affordable.
  • Placing an Order Experience. We have tested them with a Law paper that required doing some research and providing 2-3 references to a case study from the 1990s. Our writer has coped with the task in a very good way and provided three reliable references with a reviewed bibliography as was required by the task. The paper contained zero plagiarism and the paraphrasing has been used correctly. They might be a young company, yet they truly deserve their reputation!
  • Pricing. Their prices start at only $9.99 per page! It makes them the most affordable option. If your budget is tight, they are worth trying for simpler tasks. If you are in a hurry, the prices will increase. As an affordable paper writing service for college, their quality does not suffer!
  • Customer Reviews Online. They are represented by thousands of reviews that are mostly positive. Turning to Trustpilot, we can see that they have 4 stars. Those negative reviews speak of the varied quality of writers and communication issues, yet we have not noticed any. Since they will assist you with the choice of the most suitable writer, do not forget to share your grading rubric and instructions before you make a deposit payment. As we looked through the reviews left by Sitejabber users, they gave them 5 stars. We believe they truly deserve them! It is good that they leave all the possible reviews there and often respond to resolve the conflicts.
  • Customer Support. Their customer support is excellent! They offer all the possible ways to get in touch, including a phone number, an online contact form, and a chat that is available 24/7.

Should You Consider It? If you seek professional college paper writers without costing a fortune, this should be your choice. They offer a wide range of services and have enough reviews to satisfy even the most skeptical customers. Remember that they are legit and offer various ways to keep you safe.

Same Day Papers

  • What The Service Offers. You might have already heard about this service before because it has been around in the past and received numerous positive reviews not only in the United States but in Australia and the United Kingdom as well. The American branch of their business operates since 2017 and offers all the possible types of essays and research papers. You can also request personal statement writing, poetry, creative tasks, and in-depth editing. Even if you need help writing papers for college for something odd, the chances are high that you will find it here!
  • Can You Trust It? They operate in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom, which shows that they are a transnational company with high values and relevant teams that know their respective lands and will provide you with information based on your instructions. They are a legit service with numerous online reviews, free revisions, and direct communication with your writer.
  • Placing an Order Experience. We have tested this particular service with a complex Sociology paper that contained statistical data in the instructions and required a skilled specialist. Our writer has coped well for the most part except for minor issues with the sources that required brief clarifications. It has been fixed with the help of a free revision. The quality has been top notch and the grammar was one of the best among writing services for college students.
  • Pricing. It will depend on what kind of help you are looking for. If you only need to edit your draft or check for grammar mistakes, it will result in only $5.5 per page. Now, if you need an essay for college, it will start at $12.99 per page.
  • Customer Reviews Online. The reviews state that they have 4.38 points out of 5 based on over two hundred reviews from students coming from all possible academic backgrounds. This college essay service has a good reputation and they are always responsive and do not ignore those clients who ask for help or refunds. They are also praised for their proofreading and credible editing services that don’t cost a fortune, so consider them if you need this type of academic assistance.
  • Customer Support. We have learned that one can contact their American branch or even go for their Australian and the British departments, depending on the specifics of your task, the language style you need, and the type of writing. Their support is reliable and professional. We were happy to cooperate and talk to them!

Should You Consider It? While they may not be as famous as EduBirdie, they are a safe choice to consider for all types of academic writing. They are reliable, provide timely delivery, and custom writing in American, Aussie, or British English, and keep their prices at an affordable level. Their help writing essays for college is reliable and requires your attention if you want to go the British way for your American college! If you want to write an assignment on something specific or related to Brexit, you can choose them as a safe writing solution.


Are the entries on your list of college essay writing services legit?

Yes, all the five entries that we have tested in our review belong to fully legit services that have received sufficient feedback online and have user privacy documents to support their claims.

Is it ethical to approach essay writing services online?

Using college essay services always depends on how and why you are planning to use them. If you just need someone to write a paper instead of you and ignore your studies, then it is never good and will not bring you satisfaction or academic success. These services are only meant to assist you and help you with grammar, proofreading, getting through writer’s block, and letting you achieve safety of mind when things go wrong for some reason.

Can a writing service online remain reliable when working with a complex order?

When you have a service like EduBirdie, you can choose a writer’s level and specify that you need a dissertation or something that remains complex for an average writer. As always, things will depend on what kind of writing you have to do and what subject is being approached. The safest way is to discuss things first before you pay.

Can you help me find legit essay writing services?

This is exactly what we have already done by checking the most popular and rare options as long as they were legit essay writing services. The most important is that you can use these safely and put your trust in them.

Can I hire an expert to write my college essay?

Yes, it is possible with any of these services that have been explored. Just remember that you must discuss what must be written and share your instructions like your grading rubric, instructions from the college professor, and your personal thoughts with ideas. It is the only way to make things work!

Will I benefit from placing an order at writing services?

It is always beneficial when things go right and everything ends up as required. If you want to improve your college essay, you should contact one of the services and get assistance with plagiarism, formatting, and logic among other things. Give it a try and you will see how and why it works!

The Safest Way to Survive Through College

Sometimes things can seem truly unbearable, especially if you have a college paper revision with those red pen comments from a strict professor. If your time is short or stress becomes too much, the best solution is to seek reliable college essay writing services that will be able to handle your challenges. These are available 24/7 and will never reveal your identity. Even though they are being legit, many colleges don’t like it when students seek additional help online. Still, those learners that leave their comfort zone and work hard to improve their assignments always succeed because they care for what and how they learn. So take a closer look through our list of the best college essay help options and make your choice!


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