Best Tarot Card Reading Sites Online That Work

People have a wide range of diverse beliefs. Whatever can make someone feel better and help them find the meaning and answers that they are looking for is what a person will believe in. Spirituality, divination, astrology, horoscope, and more are just different forms of occult ideas that people tend towards to gain the insight, answers, and meaning that will make their life easier.

Like astrologers who can read your palm to help you better understand your future or help with your career or other important questions that you may have, some psychics can help you find answers to the most important questions that plague you every day.

Even if these techniques aren’t technically scientific, many individuals adhere to them fervently. Tarot reading is one such discipline of mysticism. Tarot card readers and psychics are typically trained to read tarot cards, and their knowledge can assist you in better understanding your current situation, current relationship, or any other specific questions that you may have.

Astrology is one of the more commonly known occult sciences that can help you find general answers or gain some actionable advice to make your days better. But astrology can’t reach the details of tarot card readings.

A tarot reading can help you gain more profound answers and insight to your pressing, most important questions. Also, unlike astrology, tarot readings cannot be generalized and must be personal. Each reading of the tarot spread depends on the spread and various other factors.

You need the right person to be your tarot card reader. Only readers well versed in the knowledge can help you better understand the circumstances surrounding your current situation. While this is what makes tarot reading so worthwhile, this also makes it challenging.

This is because finding the right tarot reader can be a challenging task. There may be many readers, but only a good reader who knows various tarot spreads and is well-versed in interpreting the tarot cards can help you find the answers you need.

Here are the sites we will be looking at today:

Purple GardenAffordable site for tarot, love, and psychic readings
KeenThey have a fantastic team of professional psychics.
KasambaKnown for its psychic readings and articles.
MystisenseBeginner friendly with discounts to start you off
AskNowThe first 5 minutes on this platform are free, and it is very affordable.
OranumThis platform has some of the best psychics to help you with your problems.

Over the last few years, like everything else, Tarot Reading too has gone online. Online tarot reading websites and platforms are commonplace today. These sites make it easier for people to find the answers and actionable advice they need to improve their love life, future or current relationship, current career options, body, mind, and current circumstances in general.

Anyone can learn about their future and personal development with the aid of these online tarot reading websites and platforms. These tarot card websites frequently provide free tarot readings, which can give people helpful guidance for bettering their life.

This is exactly what we will take a deeper look at in this article. We will be looking at what are arguably some of the best tarot card reading sites. On these sites, you can find a lot of tarot card readers who can help you learn more about your life and your current situation better.

These platforms provide readings by people who are well-versed with divination and mystics. Read more to learn about how you can get all your answers with the help of online tarot reading offered by the following websites:

The 6 Best And Most Accurate Online Tarot Reading Platforms of 2022

This post includes a list of the top 6 websites with a diverse range of psychic services. On this list, you will come across a sizable variety of websites that provide online tarot readings.

These can be used to ask for suggestions about your life, career, love, body, world, and more. Some of these websites additionally offer advice and information to help with specific parts of your life. All you have to do to access additional information about your fortune based on accurate and truthful interpretations is sign up for a free account.

Purple Garden

Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Love Reading, Palm Reading, Horoscope, Dream analysis, etc
Available onCalls, chat, and, Video calls
PriceIt starts at $1.99/minute

For those seeking the guidance of some of the best and most seasoned psychics, who provide reading for tarot cards online, you need to look no further than Purple Garden, a leading site for online tarot card readings.

One of the most affordable and reputable websites for online tarot readings, in our opinion and based on our research, is Purple Garden. It is also one of the most well-reviewed sites, based on the positive comments posted by customers on the brand’s official page.

We also discovered that one of the company’s main priorities has been to assist people from all walks of life looking for guidance and solutions to enhance their quality of life. On their platform, in addition to tarot readings, you can also get psychic readings, readings for love, money, oracle direction, angle insight, and even dream analysis.

For those looking for a more comprehensive response or a spiritual connection with their loved ones, Purple Garden offers additional services and readings, such as love readings. We can confidently state that the Purple Garden platform is one of the best and most insightful locations that offer genuine psychic readings.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Horoscope, articles, love advice blogs, etc
Available onPhone Calls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $1.99/minute for the first 10 minutes.

Keen is known for having psychics who have excellent knowledge of providing tarot card reading for beginners and people with experience. They have a limited number of psychics, but all of their psychics can help you improve your mind, body, and life with their insight.

The Keen site also has a lot of positive reviews stating how the tarot reading offered by Keen has helped people drastically improve their lives. Keep has psychics who can provide a tarot card reading on phone, emails, or calls.

Keen also has articles that can help you learn more about how tarot works, the different parts of a tarot deck, types of a tarot spread, and other best practices that can help you keep your mind and body ready for any moment.

One of the key unique features of Keen is life questions, wherein you can consult one of their top psychics and ask them important questions about major life decisions. The psychics can provide you with the insight and guidance to make it all the better for you, thanks to their intuition.

Keen offers a wide range of additional services for those that require more than simply tarot card readings. This website might be more critical for people looking for a comprehensive answer or a connection with their deceased loved ones. Before discovering this fantastic online reading service, we spent a lot of time searching for an intelligent website that offers genuine psychic readings.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, etc.
Available onCalls, chat, and emails.
PriceIt starts at $1.49/minute; the first 3 minutes are free.

Kasamba is a fantastic platform where you may find an answer to your questions about your life. The Kasamba website has been operational for nearly three decades, during which they have helped countless people find the advice they needed. They have many readers who are said to be the best in the world and can provide you with guidance when you begin your tarot card reading.

Since many readers on their platform are so experienced, they charge around more than $2 per minute, making Kasamba a more expensive option. But this also means you are betting on the best guidance and the psychics who will better focus on your issues and give you the insight you need.

They can interpret your choices based on a diverse tarot spread. This can help them provide you with insight into your love life, career, current situation, and current relationship.

The readers on Kasamba can heal your mind and body with their intuition and insight, which can help you better understand where you are in life. For anyone who is feeling lost and needs a moment to understand things better, Kasamba is an excellent option.

In addition to tarot, Kasamba also provides a large selection of other psychics who are solely focused on the current moment and the current topic at hand. They can answer specific questions about anything affecting you or your focus.

A list of psychics who specialize in a specific area, such as marriage, parent-child relationships, LGBTQIA+ relationships, love interests, etc., can also be found.

With their free tarot reading option, which offers you three minutes of access, you can encounter any of these. This lets you get a free tarot reading for 3 minutes with any of their top psychics who offer online tarot card reading.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscope, blogs, etc.
Available onPhone calls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $2/minute

In recent times, Mysticsense has been setting an example for other online tarot reading platforms as their online tarot readings have made many customers and answer-seekers very happy.

Mysticsense sports a wide range of knowledgeable psychics with insight into unique subjects. With the help of their intuition and insight, these psychics on their website can help you better answer your questions.

The psychics on Mysticsense that provide a reading of tarot cards online are all loved by people who seek advice from them. These psychics have helped many people with their future and current situation. These psychics have also helped people interpret the meaning of their life and find a place in this world.

This website allows users to get a detailed background about their readers, which helps you better pick the reader that you think is more suited for the current situation and who, in the given moment, can provide the most appropriate guidance.

You can also learn about the various tools these psychics will use better to interpret your tarot reading from the tarot spread. This makes the website very useful for beginners who can begin their tarot card reading journey with proper readers knowledge.

The website is very intuitive and straightforward to use, and it can provide cost-effective, genuine tarot reading for anyone in need at any moment. You can also learn more about psychics and tarot card reading on their platform.

They have blogs and articles that contain information about tarot reading, love readings, etc., where you can learn about how tarot works, the differences in minor arcana, major arcana, and more.

Mysticsense offers free tarot reading in the form of free minutes. For this free tarot reading, you can choose any of their specialized readers and gain access to 5 minutes of free tarot reading with them. This can vary, as the number of free tarot reading minutes is based on various factors.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscope, etc.
Available onCalls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $1/minute; the first 5 minutes are free.

While the AskNow online tarot reading website may not look the best, they certainly have the best psychic readers who can provide you with detailed insight into your own life. The tarot card readings on AskNow are known to be authentic and accurate, as their reader helps people with their intuition and divination.

On AskNow, at any given moment, you can find the guidance of highly-skilled readers who have put years of focus on learning how tarot works and how to provide actual tarot reading. They can give you the answer and advice for your most important questions, which will improve your current situation.

AskNow also has online tarot reading in Spanish, French, and Slovak, in addition to English, to better help you make more sense of your current situation and get the answers that will make your life better in a language you understand.

On the AskNow website, you can readily check if a reader is available at any moment to help you get your answer and advice. You can also get information and advice based on your Zodiac sign without having to sign in on their site.

Other than tarot reading, you can also find the meaning of your dreams, answers to questions about your life or the life of a loved one, and learn more about where you belong in the world. This can be an excellent site for beginners seeking to learn more about their life and body.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedTarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, numerology, astrology, family guide, etc
Available onCalls, chat, and, Video calls

Oranum has helped many people gain access to honest and authentic tarot readings. They have a team of tarot readers with knowledge and experience who can help you with your personal growth and give you guidance for your life. Oranum brings the divination of tarot cards online for you to find the answers to all your questions.

The Oranum online tarot readings platform has some of the most highly rated tarot readers who are known in the online tarot readings community. Oranum focuses on providing spiritual help for people in need.

The readers on Ornum that provide actual tarot reading come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. This helps you better find the tarot reader who you would be more comfortable with, asking specific questions that may need cultural context.

Oranuma also has other psychics for additional guidance about the love interest, fortune, answers about your pet, and even people who can interpret dreams to help you understand the meaning and answers behind them.

Since they have a diverse range of tarot readers from different backgrounds, most of them are multilingual to help you find the answers to the most critical questions in your native tongue.

What Are Tarot Cards, And How Is Tarot Card Reading Done?

In the initial days of tarot cards, they were treated as playing cards and used for entertainment purposes. While these cards were used for entertainment purposes, a couple of hundred years later, around the late 1700s, tarot reading and divination started getting popular together.

This resulted in a general intervention of divination in short reading. Today, even though you can use tarot cards for entertainment purposes, they are mostly reserved for divination and for finding out more about the circumstances surrounding a person, may it be about their joy, future, career, current relationship, etc.

A deck of tarot cards consists of 78 tarot cards. Each of these tarot card deck packs generally comes with a guidebook that can guide beginners. But accurate tarot reading from the right person who knows the tarot spread and years of training is needed to interpret, understand, and find the meaning behind a tarot card.

The 78 cards in the tarot deck are divided into two halves. We have 22 tarot cards called significant arcana cards and another 56 tarot cards that make up the minor arcana. The Major arcana is further divided into 16 more tarot cards, often called Tarot court cards.

The minor arcana are divided into suits just like the playing cards you would have for entertainment purposes. Minor arcana comprises four suits, each of 10 tarot cards. These have their meaning, symbolism, sign, and more, something you won’t find in other cards used for entertainment purposes.

Only a person with knowledge about divination and psychics can provide actual tarot reading that is beneficial and contains the answers and meaning one is looking for. This person is called a tarot reader, and the one seeking answers about life is called a querent.

Generally, the tarot reader will present you with a spread or tarot spread. A tarot spread is the first step of tarot reading wherein a person, aka the tarot reader, will spread the tarot cards from a tarot deck. A card is then drawn from this tarot spread which the reader will interpret to tell about the fortune and future of the drawer.

Tarot decks can be of different types, but almost all tarot decks contain the same amount of cards, and all tarot decks are very similar in terms of how you use them. Tarot works in ways that the ordinary person may not understand.

With a deck of tarot cards, a tarot reader with knowledge and experience, and a good spread, one can learn about their life and the world around them, find answers and gain insight into their current relationship, career, or any other solutions they need.

What Are The Skills Of A Tarot Reader?

A tarot reader has specific skills that they need to possess to deliver quality service. One of the primary skills required is intuition. Intuition is the ability to sense information without having any concrete proof. This is one of the reasons why people seek tarot readings.

In addition, a tarot reader must be able to communicate effectively. They must be able to listen carefully to what the client wants to know and relay it back to them. Communication is essential in all forms of relationships. Therefore, if you want to find out about love, career, health, finance, etc., then you need to be able to communicate clearly with the person providing the reading.

Furthermore, a tarot reader needs to be able to interpret the cards correctly. They need to understand the meanings behind each symbol and how they relate to each other. When analyzing the cards, the reader must try to determine which card represents the situation that the client is facing.

This skill is essential because it helps the reader accurately predict future events. The results would not be reliable without being able to interpret the cards correctly.

Below we have described these skills in detail:


One of the most critical skills needed by a tarot reader is intuition. If you do not believe me, then just ask yourself whether you can tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. We all have an intuitive side that lets us pick up on subtle clues from our surroundings.

When it comes to tarot readings, the same applies. A tarot reader must be capable of sensing information through their intuition. It does not matter where the data comes from. All that matters is that the reader can read into the cards and figure out what the client wants to say.


The second essential skill needed for tarot reading is communication. As mentioned above, communication is vital in all aspects of life. It is also true when it comes to tarot. You need to be able to convey your message to the reader.

If you cannot explain what you want to know, then chances are that the reader will not be able to help you. On the contrary, if you are clear about your concerns, you stand a better chance of getting accurate answers.

Interpreting Cards

The third skill needed by a tarot reader is the ability to interpret the cards correctly and accurately. This means that the reader must be able to understand the symbols used in the cards.

For example, if you look at the picture below, you will notice that there are three cups. However, the question asks about two cups. How will the reader know this? The answer is simple – they will make deductions based on the number of cups shown in the picture.

Similarly, if you see a picture of a man wearing a hat, you might think he looks like a farmer. However, the question asked about a knight. Again, the reader will use their historical knowledge to determine what the question refers to.

As you can see, every aspect of tarot reading requires some form of deduction. Even if you were to ask a friend for advice, they might be unable to give you an answer unless they know what you are looking for.

Deciphering A Tarot Card – What The Cards Mean

You don’t have to be a psychic to be able to read Tarot cards. Anyone who has studied the basics of numerology can easily decipher the meaning of any card. For instance, the Ace of Cups represents love, passion, and creativity.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is associated with power and ambition. If you have been working hard to achieve something, you should expect good news soon.

2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles show that you are going to receive money. Whether you plan to buy new clothes, pay off debts, or start saving for retirement, you should be happy about the outcome.

3 of Swords

The 3 of Swords indicates that you will lose something very dear to you. Perhaps you are having problems with your family or friends. Or maybe you have lost your job. Whatever the reason, you are likely to feel upset and frustrated.

4 of Cups

The 4 of Cups signify happiness and joy. You should expect to meet people who share similar interests with you. They could be close friends, relatives, or colleagues.

5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands is linked to success and achievement. If you are struggling to find time to study, you should consider taking a break. Instead, spend more time relaxing and enjoying yourself.

6 of Coins

You should take heart if you feel down because you haven’t received any money recently. A coin always comes up heads when it lands on its edge. Therefore, you will get paid soon.

7 of Swords

The 7 of Swords symbolizes loss and separation. It also suggests that someone close to you is leaving. So, whether you are facing financial difficulties or losing a loved one, you should prepare for the worst.

8 of Pentacles

The 8 of Pentacles denotes luck and prosperity. If you are worried about your finances, you should try to save as much money as possible. After all, you never know when bad times will strike.

9 of Cups

The 9 of Cups means that you will be spending time alone. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see anyone else. Instead, you will enjoy some quality time by yourself.

10 of Wands

The 10 of Wands is connected to travel and adventure. If you are thinking of moving abroad, then you should go ahead and plan your trip. However, you must remember that change isn’t always easy.

How Can Tarot Readings Help You In Seeking Advice?

Tarot reading may or may not predict your future accurately, but what it can certainly do is provide answers and advice to those who seek guidance. It can give tips on what you can change in your life, career, or current situation. These tips can help you seize the moment or make your future a little better.

With the help of the right tarot reader with the knowledge and divination, you can gain actionable advice through tarot card reading. This advice leads you to the answer and insight crucial to making your current situation more favorable to you.

Suppose you are stuck on a career path where you don’t know what to do. Or, if you are confused about your career, you can ask the tarot cards for help, and they can tell you more about the right job for you. It can give you the tips and knowledge to make your career better.

Tarot Card Reading may seem like it is magic, especially when you talk about things like divination to gaining answers and fortune, but that’s far from what tarot card reading is. Tarot reading is more about manifesting and keeping your focus on what your heart needs.

The answers we seek, the knowledge to help improve our life, career, body, or the world around us, is within you, and tarot reading is just a way to draw out this knowledge and answer.

What Are The Features Seen In A Good Tarot Card Reading Site?

In the selection process for finding the best online tarot reading website, we looked at a few factors. As a good rule of thumb, only the online tarot reading sites that were able to meet all these factors cleared the selection process and were featured in this list.

Experienced Psychic Readers

The more experienced a reader is, the better and more in-depth tarot readings they can provide. The right person with divination can help more accurately interpret the meaning of the tarot cards and support your personal growth and life more. More experience also leads to better intuition.

Discounted Price For First Reading & Free Tarot Readings

Another essential part of the selection process was finding websites with better discounts for the first tarot reading. The first tarot reading is the one that will decide if you are going to choose a website or not.

We also looked at websites that not only had a discounted first reading but also had a free tarot reading. A free tarot reading to help you begin your journey with the tarot cards can make the whole process of getting a tarot reading even more helpful.

Additional Services

Other than accurate tarot reading, we also looked at platforms with different services that can help you improve your life and provide you with additional benefits. This included, for example, palm readings, love readings, magic 8 ball, astrology, love interest tips, fortune prediction, life guidance, and more.

The Difference Between Online & Offline Tarot Readings

There is a general debate about what is more accurate online tarot reading or in-person tarot card reading. Many traditionalists believe that online tarot card readings aren’t valid. There tend to be fake readings or the same question by different people getting the same answers which aren’t always accurate.

While in-person tarot reading can be more in-depth and provide you with more detailed guidance, it tends to be very difficult to come across and more expensive than online tarot card readings. Another benefit of online tarot card readings is that you can do these anywhere, anytime.

Online tarot card readings also offer a good discount when it is your first reading; some even offer free tarot card reading or free online live reading sessions.

Online tarot readings are becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who want to get their answers quickly. This is because they offer convenience and speed. You do not have to travel to a particular location or wait for someone to visit your home. All you need to do is sit at your computer and read through the cards that the psychic reader provides.


You can easily access online tarot reading from anywhere worldwide as long as you have an internet connection. If you are away from home, then it will be much easier to conduct the reading than if you were sitting in front of the card reader. It also makes it convenient when you want to share your results with others.

Quick Results

The good thing about online tarot readings is that you can get quick results. As soon as you submit your request, the reader will begin to work on your question. They usually give you some time to think about your answer before they proceed further. Once they have finished, you will receive your results immediately.

If you are looking for fast results, this may be what you are looking for. However, remember that there are many factors involved in getting accurate predictions. For example, you should always make sure that you are honest and open with your questions. You should also avoid asking too many questions at once. These things will help you get more accurate results.


Another great advantage of online tarot readings is affordability. Unlike traditional readings, these services are very affordable. There are no hidden charges, and you only pay for what you use. So, if you want to save money, then this is something that you should consider.

There are many types of online tarot readers—some charge per minute while others charge per session. Most people prefer the latter option since it is cheaper and allows them to take breaks whenever they feel like it. In addition, most sites provide free trial sessions so that you can see how effective they are.

Variety of Options

One of the best things about online tarot readings is the variety of options available. You can choose between live chat, email, telephone, text message, video call, and even phone calls. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But regardless of which one you choose, you will still be able to get the same kind of service.

The 6 Best And Most Accurate Online Tarot Reading Platforms Conclusion

To summarize, out of the countless online tarot deck reading sites and online tarot reading services, the ones listed above are the best for beginners and people who are seeking to find the meaning of the current situation they find themselves in.

Any of these sites can help you to gain the insight and answers that can help your personal growth, career, fortune, love interest, and future. These platforms can connect you to the right person with intuition, insight, and knowledge to answer your most important questions.

You can sign in at any of these platforms to gain access to online tarot reading at any moment you want. This means access to intuition and divination from a trained psychic who can give you life-changing and actionable advice.



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