Best Astrology Sites

Do they still love me? Will I get that new job? What is my purpose in life? When will I stop feeling sad all the time? Sounds familiar? These and many similar questions plague us and keep us up at night.

Finding a definitive answer to any of these may be a challenge, but certain practices may or may not help you get some of the answers you need. These are divinatory practices that have been around since ancient times.

This includes tarot readings, psychic readings, horoscopes, astrology, and more. While all these might differ in the methods they follow, the primary purpose of these divinatory practices is to help the everyday person find the answers to questions and doubts that arise in their life about love life, future, career, money matters, etc.

Today’s article mainly focuses on astrology as we look at astrology websites where you can get online readings. The art of astrology is somewhat fading away in the modern world. It is hard to meet astrologers offline or around us in person.

This is why online readings and online astrology in the form of websites are taking off. These astrology sites provide a great way of meeting experienced astrologers and psychic counselors who can help you with the mysteries of your life, all within the comfort of your home.

While it is true that you can get to know about your daily horoscopes or monthly horoscopes through any website or news site, these are, more often than not, generic advice. They are tailored to fit everyone with the same zodiac sign as you and may not be specifically applicable to your problems.

This is where astrology websites come into the picture, as these websites can help you get actionable advice suited to your problems and needs. Here, you can directly talk to a psychic or an astrologer who knows about zodiac signs and horoscopes and has excellent intuition to help you out.

Another benefit of online astrology sites is that they have more than just your average daily, weekly, and monthly. You can get birth chart readings to determine your astrological sign and how best to act for more benefits.

In this article, we have picked out what we think are the best astrology websites to help find the perfect psychics who can help you and provide you with an accurate reading.

Stay tuned and keep reading to learn how you can find the answers to all your problems with the help of these astrology websites.

What Are The Best Astrology Sites For Accurate Readings?

Purple GardenA very affordable and easy-to-use site with additional services such as tarot reading, oracle reading, palm reading, etc
KeenThis is one of the most trusted astrology sites that has been around for a long time and has some of the best psychics.
KasambaThey only have the best psychics to help you better understand the things in your life.
MystisenseThey are the best customer service and have the first 5 minutes free, with an additional 50% discount on the first session.
AskNowThis astrology site is known for providing the best readings regarding heart matters.
OranumOn this platform, you can watch the psychics live before paying anything to understand better what you are in for.

Now, let us finally look at the best horoscopes and astrology websites. Many websites can help you figure out your future, but finding the most accurate astrology sites is challenging.

Luckily for you, we have done all the hard work and found the best astrology websites to get your accurate horoscope readings and astrology services. We have considered various factors such as customer feedback, knowledge of the zodiac signs, etc., to help rank these horoscope sites.

With the help of these horoscope and astrology sites, you can get accurate readings for your astrological needs and get tarot reading services to know more about your fortune with the help of tarot card readings.

So, without further delay, let us look at the astrology websites where you can get the best quality services and learn more about your daily horoscope, life, love, career, future, and more.

Purple Garden

Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrology & horoscope readings, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Love Reading, Palm Reading, Horoscope, Dream analysis, etc
HoroscopeDaily free horoscope options are not available
Available onCalls, chat, and, Video calls
PriceIt starts at $0.99/minute

Purple Garden is one of the best online tarot readings and astrology sites that is very popular in this industry. At Purple Garden, you will find a wide range of services that can help you find better answers to your questions.

Many users of Purple Garden services have raved about the site with all of its experienced psychics. But the best part of Purple Garden is that they have the most affordable services, starting at just $0.99 per minute.

People often mistake affordable and cheap with a lack of quality services, but that is far from the truth with it comes to Purple Garden. It is considered to be the best astrology site for a reason.

All of the psychics that Purple Garden has on staff have undergone thorough training and close supervision. This was done to guarantee that only authentic astrological readers, who deliver results as and when required, are available on the Internet. They also have a smart filtering system that easily lets you pick the perfect psychics for your needs.

You select the online psychic reader that best meets your requirements and needs from the large selection available. Choose love and relationship astrology readers, for instance, for questions about romantic relationships. You can filter your preferences to make things simpler, move more quickly, and get readers immediately.

In addition to the more obvious factors, Purple Garden was given special consideration because its readers had all passed certification and testing on the website. They uphold their professionalism, and they’ve gotten nothing but good reviews from all of their clients.

And if this wasn’t enough, Purple Garden has a wide range of additional services such as angel card readings, palm readings, love life readings, oracle guidance, tarot readings, etc., which are great for people with niche requirements.

You can also get a dream analysis done on the Purple Garden website, wherein you can, with the help of spiritual guides, try and understand what your dreams have been trying to tell you to help your everyday life better.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrology & Horoscope, Tarot Card Reading, Horoscope, articles, love advice blogs, etc
HoroscopeFree Daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes.
Available onPhone Calls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $1.99/minute for the first 10 minutes.

Keen has been around for a long time and cemented itself as one of the most popular astrology sites with a vast network of trusted psychics. Keen has helped countless people gain access to guidance and help to improve their lives.

Keen has some of the best psychics in the industry who are screened for their knowledge and legitimacy. The psychic advisors on Keen are experts who have conducted over 42 million sessions that have changed people’s lives.

Aware astrologers use various reading techniques, including natal charts, tarot, mediumship, birth charts, Vedic astrology, and Chinese astrology. A Keen psychic reading can be scheduled online, and you can communicate with them by phone, video call, email, or chat.

Due to their beginning packages, which include a 3-minute free reading for new users, a 10-minute session for $1.99, and additional minutes when purchasing an introductory package, Keen has made a name for itself in a crowded field of astrological websites.

Keen also offers free astrology and free daily horoscope reading. You can sign up for their newsletter to access horoscopes daily. They also have other information about your sign, such as perfect day, lucky gems, love partner’s zodiac, and more.

Additionally, Keen has a built-in mechanism that pairs you with a psychic depending on your current mood, the challenges you’re dealing with, the kind of help you need, and your interests. The technology matches you with an appropriate psychic based on your responses to these questions.

Another thing that has kept them apart from other sites, in addition to their best spiritual astrologers, is that they have articles about topics such as love advice, spiritual advice, and more to provide further guidance.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrology readings, Tarot Card readings, Psychic Readings, etc.
HoroscopeDaily free horoscope is not available
Available onCalls, chat, and emails.
PriceIt starts at $1.49/minute; the first 3 minutes are free.

Kasamba is home to a substantial population of psychics, clairvoyants, and spiritualists who are experts in their fields and have years of expertise. Over 90 psychics have five-star reviews and are all incredibly well-liked and in high demand. Some also include LGBTQ+ issues and paranormal phenomena.

One of our top choices, Kasamba, has received numerous favorable comments from customers and industry professionals. This website employs qualified psychics who are trustworthy, deliver precise readings, and guarantee top-notch services. Customers have expressed how they have discovered more stability in their lives and the hope and courage to embark on brand-new projects.

On Kasamba, you can know everything you need about your potential psychics before paying anything. Thanks to the detailed descriptions posted on the page of every psychic reader. They also have bilingual readers for phone readings or an easy online chat.

It boasts a devoted community of horoscope experts and a user base of over 3 million passionate users. They open a door for knowledgeable psychic advisors to help people with various issues. These cover many topics, including dating advice, dealing with shaky relationships or ending them, locating life partners, etc., and even career-related advice.

With its broad base of experienced psychics and an excellent customer support team, Kasamba has been driving for maximum customer satisfaction and achieving it successfully. They offer a wide range of services, with the help of which you can make your life a lot easier. And lastly, they also have their mobile app for iOS and Android.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrology reading, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscopes, etc.
HoroscopeFree daily horoscope with compatibility.
Available onCalls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $1/minute; the first 5 minutes are free.

One of the top astrological websites online, AskNow, has been operational since 2004. It offers some of the greatest tarot and psychic reading services.

The user-friendly AskNow interface will assist you in finding a horoscope reader who meets your needs. Simply read through the many psychic profiles to choose the one that best meets your needs. Each profile includes information about the psychic’s experience, fees, areas of expertise, location, and ratings.

On AskNow, you can easily find any astrologists suitable for your needs, based on your particular time zone. You can easily access astrological readings and learn more about any problems you may face.

This is also one of the best websites for receiving relationship advice. AskNow is known for its relationship advice and love readings. You can select from various options on their website, including astrology interpretation, tarot card readings, dream analysis, horoscope readings, chakra cleansing, spiritual guidance, and more.

They have bilingual readers who can help you solve your problems in the language that you are most comfortable in. Another great feature of AskNow is their mobile phone app, which is available on Android and iOS devices so that you can access their psychics anytime, anywhere.

If you need reading to help you better understand your love life, then you can sign up to AskNow today and gain access to free astrology for the first 5-minutes. This can help you gauge the website and check if this is the right fit for you or not, even before you have to pay anything.

The policy of ensuring the satisfaction of AskNow customers is one of the primary reasons we suggest it. Many users have expressed their gratitude to the psychics who guided them through their fears, patiently listened to them, and gave them the confidence to find love once more. There are also pet psychics, which is excellent news for all animal lovers!


Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrology, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, Horoscope, blogs, etc.
HoroscopeFree horoscopes and daily fortune based on zodiacs.
Available onPhone calls and chat.
PriceIt starts at $2/minute.

If you are looking for a site where you don’t have to pay immediately to gain guidance, MysticSense is the ideal astrology site for you. On MysticSense, you can access their experienced spiritual advisors without paying anything with their first 5-minute free policy, which lets you access free horoscopes and astrology readings for 5-minutes.

You can pick from a sizable pool of psychics who are authorities in different fields. Deciding from hundreds of options can be difficult, but MysticSense makes it simple by allowing you to tailor your searches and shortlist your favorites.

People struggle to make decisions about their schooling, changing careers, finances, or relationships, or they lack the courage to end them. MysticSense is aware of these issues and goes to great lengths to assist its clients in solving them. They are encouraged to make firm decisions and find pleasure during psychics sessions.

MysticSense has a beautiful user interface and offers a free daily horoscope. You can sign up for their newsletter to get daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes in your mailbox every morning.


Platform Overview
Services OfferedAstrological readings, live sessions, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Readings, numerology, astrology, family guide, etc
HoroscopeThe free daily horoscope option is not available.
Available onCalls, chat, and, Video calls

While Oranum is relatively new in this industry, it has been making a name for itself thanks to its uniqueness, friendly and knowledgeable psychics, and excellent customer support team.

Upon entering the website, visitors are struck by its appealing appearance, ease of use, and systematic filter for searching among psychics. You may read their bio, check reviews, and browse their profile to learn more about them.

Numerous psychics and spiritual counselors, each an authority in their field, are housed on the website. Before creating an account, you may watch them in action and engage in free astrology consultations. This is one of the unique features of Oranum. You can watch a live stream of your psychic of choice before you pay anything.

The distinctive feature of Oranum is that prospective clients can watch live psychic readings as a guest without being pressured to make a purchase right away. You can reach expert psychics via live video sessions to ask for their guidance on matters relating to your family, finances, work, and love, among other things.

Or, if it makes you uncomfortable, you can converse with them. In general, Oranum claims to provide astrology fans with a positive experience. This is a fantastic way to try their service before committing to it.

Once you know which psychic you want, you can join up for a private session and purchase credits if you prefer something more intimate. They start with a few free credits to help you get started when you first sign up for their services.

What Are The Features Of The Best Astrology Sites?

To find the best astrology sites and services, we made sure to take into consideration some essential factors. Any site that wants to be ranked best should have these features.

These fundamental but crucial features separate good astrology websites from bad ones:


The primary and essential factor is that these astrology websites should be credible regarding their daily horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, and any other services they might provide. Credibility is only possible when these astrology sites have experienced psychics with actual knowledge of the natal charts and celestial world. Only then can they provide accurate readings. The customer satisfaction policy also plays an important role here as it decides how much astrology websites care about their customers who seek daily predictions and can help new potential customers.


Like with anything else in life, the price will be a crucial factor too. Astrology sites that charge exorbitant rates are usually doing it for its sake. To curate this list, we ensure to include astrology websites that do not burn a hole in your pocket. This is why we have sites with free astrology and horoscopes daily. They also have free daily horoscopes, which can help you make better decisions. These free daily horoscopes are from a trustworthy and professional source.

Additional Services

We also made sure to look at and give extra points to astrology websites that offer additional services. This means services other than the free daily horoscope chart. This includes things like monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, online tarot readings, natal chart reading, angel numbers, dream analysis, life questions, etc., all of which come from horoscope readers well-versed in this field.

User Interface

Lastly, the user interface or UI of the astrology websites is also essential as you want the astrology site to be easy to use and intuitive. Many astrology sites have ugly and annoying pop-ups or poor layouts, which makes the experience of getting your daily predictions and horoscopes inconvenient and annoying.

What Is Astrology, And How Can Astrological Readings Help You?

Astrology is a form of divination. It is often described as the close observation and study of celestial bodies such as stars, moons, planets, and more to understand their influence on human life and human interactions.

Astrology believes that the divine celestial energy directly impacts our lives, and the stars dictate what path we should take with our life. Many people seek advice from an astrologer who practices astrology to figure out things about their life such as life partner, career options, future, marriages, etc.

Astrology has been around for more than four thousand years and has seen many different forms based on the world’s diverse cultures. From Mayan and Aztec civilizations to Indian and Chinese cultures, astrology has other names, various forms, and different methods.

Chinese astrology is deeply connected with Chinese philosophy and involves concepts such as yin and yang, the interdependent co-existence of good and bad, and many other things. It also has its own set of zodiac signs in the form of 12 animals.

Similarly, Indian astrology has Vedic origins and is often termed Vedic astrology. It is also profoundly tied with nakshatra, which is the practice of dividing the sky into different sectors while creating the natal chart for a person. It follows the same zodiac signs as modern astrology, but they have their names, and other factors dictate what sign a person will belong to.

The most common form of astrology, which is the primary focus of the astrology sites in this article, is western and modern astrology. This depends on the zodiac sign chart we are all familiar with.

With the help of your sign and your natal chart or birth chart, an astrologist can help you find the answers to any questions you may have about the different aspects of your life. Astrologists and psychics are well versed in divination and understand its workings.

These astrology sites connect you to the best astrologists so that you can easily ask them about the questions that keep you up at night, and thus, you can better understand your own life. Often, the things that are bothering us or creating a hindrance in our lives aren’t something we can control, and the astrologist can help you identify these things.

There are many different types of practices that come under astrology. While astrology is mainly associated with zodiacs and horoscopes, this divinatory practice has more sub-branches.

For example, we have chiromancy, the practice of palm readings. Here, a psychic or a palm reader can tell you things about your future and fortune based on your palm and the lines on your palm.

We have made sure to include astrology websites that offer not just astrology and horoscopes but also these additional practices. You can get anything from palm reading to dream analysis on these websites.

How To Find Out Your Astrological Sign?

Knowing your astrological or zodiac sign is essential before you get an astrological reading.

These signs depend on horoscopes. Horoscopes are charts based on the position of stars, planets, moons, suns, etc., at the time of a person’s birth. This is why they may also be known as birth charts. In some cultures, it is also commonly called a natal chart.

There are different types of signs, such as sun signs, star signs, moon signs, etc. These all fall under zodiacs but represent other things.

The sun sign represents your primary self; it is about who you are. The moon sign talks about your inner self and governs your emotions. The most important, however, is your rising sign; it deals with your real-life issues and complexities.

Together these three can help you find the ideal guidance for your life questions and needs. A good and experienced astrologist can help you figure out your sign without any issue. Knowing your zodiac sign can help you avoid an incorrect reading.

If you are unsure about your zodiac sign, make sure before your session begins that you figure out what your sign is to get the best live readings to help you out.

The Best Astrology Sites For Accurate Readings Final Verdict

To conclude, these are the best sites if you are looking for spiritual and astrological guidance for your life. These may be pseudoscience, but they can help you when nothing else can and provide advice on the darkest days when everything else looks bleak.

With the help of guidance that you can obtain from horoscopes or astrology websites, you can make big decisions about your marriage, career change, studies, future, and more quickly and confidently.



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