Vallant Security Camera Reviews – Does It Work? What to Know Before Buy!

The Vallant Security Camera is a device that allows users to keep an eye on any activity that occurs at the user’s front door. The device is easy to install, giving the user everything they need for installation with the package.

What is the Vallant Security Camera?

With all of the constant changes that happen in life, everyone wants to be able to keep their family safe. Whether they have kids, pets, or employees, everyone wants to ensure they keep themselves and their property safe. Having a home security system is the easiest way to preserve it. Unfortunately, having a security system can be expensive, and every person doesn’t have the capacity or space to keep multiple screens up simultaneously.

Using a device like the Vallant Security Camera allows users to keep their security inconspicuous without installing an entire wall of mini televisions in the room. With great insight, these cameras perfectly track any motion around it, even at night. Instead of storing everything online in an album, every recording is logged into a 64GB SD card that can easily be removed. Users won’t need batteries because it connects to the power generated within a light socket. However, if the lights go out, consumers won’t have to set the device themselves because reconnection is automatic.

As this device records, consumers can control everything from the corresponding app. Once the user downloads the app to their smartphone or tablet, they can turn the camera 360 degrees while looking left, right, up, and down. To get the best views, the camera has its motion light built in, giving the best view possible. While some security systems only allow the users to watch the video, this device will enable users to speak with whoever is on the other side with a voice intercom system. This system also allows users to listen in on what is happening in the viewed area to understand what is happening.


The Vallant Security Camera isn’t exclusively for use at home. Since it comes with all the necessary installation tools (including the camera holder), consumers can install it at home, a corporate office, a warehouse, or a vacation area. This device works in all these locations to ensure that users can have peace of mind while away without losing the protection of their surroundings. Users can connect with Wi-Fi wherever they want to install this camera, ensuring that the connection will stream wherever they are.

With less space needed than any other central security system, plus complete control over where and when the camera records, users can have any professional or personal area covered with a few steps. Plus, if the user needs a space for the camera to be held, they can take advantage of the included camera holder. The manual consists of anything the user needs to know about setting up the camera or general operation, and there’s no need to hire professional help for installation.

Purchasing the Vallant Security Camera

The Vallant Security Camera is only available on the official website. This website offers a few different packages, but the most significant advantage is that new customers can get a 50% discount on their orders. To start an order, users can apply for the value on the official website with their shipping and contact information, allowing them to be redirected to the ordering page.

With this page, users can choose 1-10 security cameras to install, allowing them to cover multiple areas of their home and office. Consumers have their choice of a few options, which include:

  • Buy one security camera for $46.00
  • Buy two security cameras for $92.00
  • Buy three security cameras for $117.00
  • Buy four security cameras for $156.00
  • Buy five security cameras for $195.00
  • Buy ten security cameras for $290.00

The total cost of shipping is a flat rate of $7.95 for orders of one or two security cameras. Orders of three cameras or more get free US shipping. If the user finds that this device doesn’t provide their home or office with their needs, they can return it to get a full refund on their purchase. You can contact customer service at 1-855-761-9424 if you have any questions or want to discuss the return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vallant Security Camera

Q – What is included in the Vallant package?

A – With every camera, users will receive the surveillance camera, tools for installation, a camera holder, and a manual.

Q – How do users install the Vallant Security Camera?

A – The process only takes a few minutes, allowing users to twist the camera into any light bulb socket, which provides power to the camera. Then, the user needs to download the corresponding app to their Android or iPhone. The manual included with the purchase outlines every step.

Q – How are recordings saved and accessed?

A – Whenever the camera senses movement, recording begins. Instead of using cloud services for an additional charge, all of the content is safe on an SD card with 64 GB of space.

Q – Can the camera be used indoors or outdoors?

A – Yes. While the camera shouldn’t be directly exposed to rain, the camera can safely and effectively be used anywhere.

Q – What phone models must be used to access the Vallant Security Camera app?

A – This security camera is meant to work efficiently with any Android or iPhone smartphone. The device features a QR code that their smartphone’s camera can scan to get the link for the app. The app is already loaded into the camera’s technology, ensuring they can view any content.

Q – How can users watch the feed from the Vallant Security Camera with multiple devices?

A – This camera is already set up to be used by multiple people. As long as they install the app on any device they want to use for access, they need the QR code to connect.

Q – Will the Vallant Security Camera continue to work during a power outage?

A – No. This device’s power is drawn from the user’s home, so losing access to electricity will make it impossible to record. Once the power source is restored, the camera will automatically connect and start recording any activity around it.

Q – How good is the image quality of the Vallant Security Camera?

A – Every video is recorded with 720p resolution, and it will appear clear on a tablet or phone screen.

Q – How long does the Vallant camera take to be delivered?

A – Most purchases take just 5-7 business days to arrive, allowing users to quickly keep an eye on their homes.

Q – What if the user finds that this package isn’t the best option for users?

A – All orders are covered by a money-back guarantee that covers the first 30 days after the purchase is made. If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service team at 1-855-791-9424 weekly from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.


The Vallant Security Camera provides consumers with a full view of their home or office without any messy or expensive setup. Users access everything from the Vallant app, which can be downloaded onto most smartphones. Even without the 50% discount, consumers would only have to pay a fraction of what they usually pay for any other installation, ensuring that it is more affordable for any budget. Plus, it links with any nearby Wi-Fi connection to continuously record the moment motion is sensed. Visit the official website to order your Vallant cameras today!



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