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HELP LINE: When you’re sad, remember the love you’ve experienced

YES, I DO know that Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Apparently a lot of you do, too, because quite a few of you have been emailing… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Five questions to ask during doctor visits

LAST WEEK, WHILE whining about the whole Medicare “observation vs. admission” debacle, I concluded the column with, “So, what’s the real answer? Right: Stay healthy… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Tax-Aide volunteers available again this year

AFTER ALL THESE years, there’s a reason that we insist on continuing to call this little weekly effort “Help Line,” and that reason is that… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Remember to be careful online

not because I think there’s something wrong with it, but simply because I don’t have… Continue reading

HELP LINE: What to do if you miss open enrollment

THIS IS ONE of those columns, meaning it won’t touch all of us, so it’ll be easy to think “click” and move on. However, if… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Resolution suggestions for the unresolved

HERE WE ARE on Jan. 8 and while some of us are actually succeeding in achieving our 2017 New Year’s resolutions (bravo), some of us… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The best resolution is to simply try

CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME to 2017. Flying in the face of what many of us thought were impossible odds, we’ve actually made it to New Year’s… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Not feeling merry? Try faking it

IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY 2016, which is a rather big deal, regardless of your religious or philosophical orientation. At best, it’s a joy-filled day of significant… Continue reading

HELP LINE: For gifts, think about what elders need

THIS IS NORMALLY the time of the year when I’ve occasionally provided abnormal Christmas shopping lists for the errant gift-givers among us who, having an… Continue reading

HELP LINE: A new rule comes down for nursing homes

BEING A LEO and an only child, it probably doesn’t take an advanced degree in psychology to figure out that I sometimes … balk at… Continue reading

HELP LINE: A change in numbers in coming

HERE’S HOW MUCH I like you: I’m going to summarize this entire column in one sentence, allowing you to briskly proceed to the next important… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Some legal forms help when you need them

THOSE OF YOU who have been following my weekly meanderings for more years than you care to remember are well-aware of the fact that I… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Be thankful for what you know now

WE’RE ALMOST THERE. “There” being Thanksgiving, which always puts me in a bit of a … bind. See, everybody writes about Thanksgiving, and pretty much… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Don’t allow loneliness to become your life

LAST WEEK, I went on about loneliness. I talked about how lethal loneliness can be, and I wasn’t kidding. Then, I urged those of us… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Loneliness is the silent killer of elders

To defeat loniliness, do something, anything, that interacts with other people.

HELP LINE: Instead of falling for scams, ask for advice

Con artists abound, trying to steal information or gain money. Be cautious.

HELP LINE: Mark Harvey tackles your questions

Reader-submitted questions about health insurance, dementia and Adult Family Homes are answered

HELP LINE: Now is the time to apply to be a Tax-Aide volunteer

Tax-Aide volunteers must submit an applicaiton, study the material and attend two weekends of training.

HELP LINE: Despite our best efforts, everything changes

Mark Harvey laments the changes that life brings.

HELP LINE: Senior citizens are not the problem

The Baby Boomers could be part of the solution.