Mark Harvey

HELP LINE: A simple way to start saving for retirement

A government website helps people begin a retirement savings account and determine their contributions.

HELP LINE: Use nursing home experiences to make lists

Hearing the story of a friend’s mother’s experiences in the nursing home inspired writer to make lists of her own.

HELP LINE: Have a plan in place just in case the nursing home becomes your home

A document that lists things such as food preferences would help your comfort level just in case you end up in the nursing home.

HELP LINE: Take part in opportunities to learn more about Medicare

Workshops across the North Olympic Peninsula will provide information and answers to questions about Medicare.

HELP LINE: How using ‘elderspeak’ can be considered offensive by some

It’s rarely meant to insult, but it does or can because it sends a message: “I don’t think you can keep up with me.”

HELP LINE: What to do if information goes missing after death

Trust is a wonderful thing — but then verify.

MARK HARVEY: Fight to know your rights before end of life

“Why,” you reasonably ask, “would anybody not ‘get it together’ enough to have basic, estate planning documents in place?” Well, there can be, and usually are, several reasons: