Mark Harvey

HELP LINE: It’s time to learn the ‘secret’ of Hospice

I KNOW WHAT hospice is: It’s one of the unintentionally best-kept secrets in this business, but we’ll get to that. And because I’ve been ricocheting… Continue reading

HELP LINE: There are tips and tricks to avoid falls

I’M STILL IN shock. I’ve heard from several different people in several different places who are actually planning ahead. Specifically, they plan to “age in… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Medicare offers checklist for hospitalizations

IF YOU’RE HAVING to go to the hospital for something, what’s the first thing on your mind? Right. Getting through/surviving/recovering from whatever it is that’s… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Don’t panic if you don’t have new Medicare card yet

WHEN YOUR NEW Medicare card hadn’t shown up by Thanksgiving, you thought, “Oh, well … I have other things to be thankful for. Santa will… Continue reading

HELP LINE: To receive help, you need to know where to look

MANY OF YOU who have paid any attention to these columns at all for the past 950 or more weeks are painfully aware that I’ve… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Beware: The Promise could kill you

ONE OF MY many totally unrelated and utterly fragmented theories about life on planet Earth is what I call “Listen to the Day.” It just… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Remember to express love to those you love

MY BEST FRIEND and I have a large, wrought iron sign on our wall that says, “indulge.” Sometimes, I take that to heart. This is… Continue reading

HELP LINE: How do you say the unsayable ‘goodbye’?

HOW DO YOU say “goodbye,” when you can’t say goodbye? I don’t know. I’ll explain. I have a buddy … well, actually, that understates it:… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Volunteering can be the best ‘bad time’ ever

I THINK MOST of us are familiar, directly or indirectly, with the phrase, “For a good time, call …” But how about “For a bad… Continue reading

HELP LINE: We fall for scams because we want to believe

I HOPE WE’RE all taking a moment to congratulate ourselves. We got through Medicare Part D open enrollment, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or whatever you might celebrate),… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Tax-Aide volunteers preparing to provide help

PRESUMABLY, MOST OF us have the holidays behind us. OK, true, there might still be a few unidentified leftovers behind the milk and the unsolicited… Continue reading

HELP LINE: There are steps to making in-home care work

LET’S BEGIN TODAY by making what might or might not be an obvious observation: The vast majority of us will never see the inside of… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s time to make resolutions for 2019

IT’S ALMOST NEW Year’s Eve, and you know what that means: Right. And, well, sure. Why not? Another thing that New Year’s Eve inevitably means… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The state will not take away your house

“THE STATE WILL take the house!” No, it won’t. Now, let’s back up: Obviously, I go on and on about where to call, or look… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Use Medicare to help you feel as good as you can

LAST MONTH, I went on about all the various deductibles, co-pays, etc. associated with Medicare Parts A and B in 2019. If you managed to… Continue reading

HELP LINE: ’Tis the season to beware scammers

IN CASE ANY of us are still uncertain, after the caloric overdose we characterize as Thanksgiving, the holiday season is upon us. Happily, this season… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Here’s a letter to Dad who needs to read it

I SUPPOSE YOU’VE heard that the Social Security/Supplemental Security Income [SSI] COLA for 2019 will be 2.8 percent, right? And that they haven’t figured out… Continue reading

HELP LINE: We age because it’s our job to and to help each other

FOR REASONS THAT don’t warrant repeating, I noticed the other day that I’ve been doing this little column for 941 weeks. So 941 weeks divided… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Some Medicare costs will change in 2019

THIS IS ABOUT Medicare (again). It is not about Part D. In fact, it’s not about anything that you need to care about until Jan.… Continue reading