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HELP LINE: Catch up on this and that this week

OK, I GUESS it’s time to clean up my act (don’t say it) by cleaning out my miscellaneous file. Remember, miscellaneous does not mean unimportant.… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Take life as a gift and grab it

WOW, I FEEL vaguely … deficient. There’s a new thing to be afraid of (well, new to me) and I’d completely missed the whole thing.… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Always remember that aging is an accomplishment

EVERY YEAR AT about this time, the U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Health Statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and probably several dozen other… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Beware of scams in the mail

GREED IS AN amazing thing, but that isn’t news. Pretty much, it seems that if there’s a way to get blood out of a turnip,… Continue reading

HELP LINE: We have to decide to be better

WHERE IN THE world is the Information & Assistance office? We’re still in Sequim. We just moved to 609 W. Washington St., Suite 16. Don’t… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Medicare continues to confuse readers

THIS IS AN aside. Maybe because I’m beginning with it, it’s an affront. No, I intended no affront. All I intended was to warn everyone… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Long-Term Care Trust Act will help people get help

I’M ALL ATWITTER. I have a new acronym to play with! Ready? It’s LTCTA. … Hmm … that’s not near as much fun, when you… Continue reading

HELP LINE: There might be help available if you need it

THIS IS GOING to be one of those “gobbledygook” columns, meaning that it’s going to be about a couple of specific programs. If everything is… Continue reading

HELP LINE: In the face of Alzheimer’s, have courage

PEOPLE TALK TO me a lot about death, disease and disability. Often, but not always, it’s older people (older than they were, I guess). They… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Elderspeak is not welcome by most

the all too common occurrence of folks (usually younger) addressing elders with “honey/sweetie/dearie,” and all-too-often… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Remain vigilant against scammers

Take survey on area plan for Olympic Area Agency on Aging

HELP LINE: The best gift for Mother’s Day is forgiveness

IN CASE YOU’VE been rudely rousted from a comfy coma in the past six hours, today is Mother’s Day. I can’t imagine any other reason… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Sometimes OK is the best you can do

I WAS GIVEN a gift the other day, but I don’t think it was intended for me. Here’s what happened: A gal I work with… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Be a friend, ask for help, plan your future

MAYBE IT’S THE time of year, I don’t really know, but this has been coming up a lot lately, so here I go again. Most… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Medicare Savings Programs are designed to help

MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. I’m hoping to get your attention. How did I do? Some of you, with better long-term memories than mine (which is almost… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Elderspeak often offends when trying to help

HERE’S AN EMAIL I received the other day. In addition to the gentleman’s obvious good taste in column-writers, he makes a good point: “Just wondering… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Let Mom in on the conversation for help

THIS IS WEEK 2 of: How can I get mom to accept help? I’m not going to replay all of last week’s column because then… Continue reading

HELP LINE: How you offer help affects how it’s accepted

SOMETIMES, FOR REASONS known only to the Keeper of Reasons, I seem to get the same question (more or less) from multiple people in multiple… Continue reading