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HELP LINE: Words of advice from Grandma to live by

you know, the one who raised me — with strict instructions to… Continue reading

HELP LINE: To get help, tell your story

I REALLY HAVE a very cool job. The other day I found myself in the midst of a very sharp group of folks, most of… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The improvement standard no longer applies

THIS IS ANOTHER “Medicare thing.” If you’re not on Medicare, don’t like anyone who is and don’t plan to get anywhere near it anytime soon,… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Daylight Saving Time begins quest for clocks

OH … GOODIE. A tiding of great joy. Spread the word, far and wide across the land: Because we’re morphing to “Daylight Saving Time,” (so… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Make the home a safe place for Alzheimer’s patients

or we’re going to be. Some of us recognize that word. Some of us don’t. So I’ll provide Mark’s… Continue reading

HELP LINE: A reader shares experience with long-term care

RECENTLY, I SPENT a couple of weeks retelling the abbreviated story of my mother’s (and my) journey into and through long-term care. The point of… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The 2018 Medicare costs are now available

ONE OF THE more annoying things about Medicare (Well, OK, I know, but …) is that we tend to get dribs and drabs of information… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Don’t dehumanize people because of dementia

THOSE OF YOU who have been paying attention know that I’ve spent the past couple of weeks telling one part of the story of my… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Play the ‘what if’ game when thinking about future

LAST WEEK, I told the story of my mother’s last few years on the planet, only because it illustrates how long-term care can work, given… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Story shares details of mother’s situation

I WANT TO tell you a story. The story is about my mother. Many of you have heard bits and pieces of this story, because… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s time to talk filing taxes

TAXES. TAXES. TAXES. Yes, I was hoping to get your attention, on the off chance that you might still be groping around for a doable… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Equitable relief extended through Sept. 30

THIS COLUMN IS going to be about health insurance, and it’s going to be pretty technical. What I’m going to go on about won’t touch… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Seniors are not all the same

SOMETIMES, SOMETHING COMES along that reminds me that I have one of the best, if not one of the most lucrative, jobs in the time… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The time for resolutions has come

CONTRARY TO ALL probability, and the cacophonous, pugnacious prognostications of any number of people who are trying desperately to be somebody, the world has not… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s time to believe in the magic of love

IT’S THE HOLIDAYS. I hope that isn’t news. And if you’re at all like me then I know that a lot of us are feeling… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Keep a checklist of questions to ask

MOST OF US, at one time or another and whether we like it or not, end up in a hospital. Coincidentally, many of us don’t… Continue reading

HELP LINE: New Medicare card numbers are coming

I WANT TO go back over a couple of things today, because a lot of you are contacting me about them, asking me to go… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Don’t get lost in terminology

ARE WE UP for a little bit of this and that? OK, here’s a this: You might recall I’ve been warning you periodically that next… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Look for things to be grateful for

ARE WE READY? What do you mean, “For what?” Thanksgiving, obviously. It’s this coming Thursday. So, are we ready? And that little exchange just evoked… Continue reading