LETTERS: Remove Donald Trump from office

Donald J. Trump has committed treason against the citizens and the Constitution of the United States of America.

He has fomented rebellion and incited terrorism from Washington state to Washington, D.C.

To my mind, he has, essentially, declared war on our nation’s legislative branch, launching his followers as weapons against our elected representatives as surely as if he had aimed a cannon at the Capitol and lit the fuse with his own hand.

He is unfit for the office and must be removed immediately to stand trial.

Tragically, Mr. Trump has not brought us to the brink of destruction by his megalomania alone.

With very few exceptions, the Grand Old Party has faithfully abetted him, provided rhetorical cover and given material aid and comfort to his paramilitary supporters.

The leaders of the Republican party are revealed to be the true anarchists of our age.

They would rather reduce this country to smoldering ruins than surrender their grip on power.

Are its rank and file voters any different?

I hope so, but fear not.

What deadly thrall does Mr. Trump hold over the leaders and voters of the GOP?

Why are they terrified to criticize him? Even President G.W. Bush dared not utter his name when mourning the attack on Congress.

He’s not Voldemort, for crying out loud.

It is high time to admit that our emperor has no clothes or any other qualities a president needs to serve the citizens of this nation.

Impeach and imprison Donald Trump.

David Freed

Port Angeles