LETTERS: Gun rights

It’s a natural thing. People oftentimes disagree with each other.

Most of us are reasonable and polite enough to hear another’s point of view.

Some of us are too impatient, cynical or simply intolerant to allow for that.

I recognize there is a wide divide today in America about politics, race and rights.

My rights, your rights, his rights, her rights and, collectively, our rights.

That’s the beauty of our system, that we are allowed our differences and have a right to express them.


We have a First Amendment right to demonstrate, wave our signs and banners, march, sing and otherwise peacefully assemble.

Most of us agree that right is sacred and not to be interfered with either by threats or other forms of intimidation.

On that point I believe there is consensus yet there are a few who believe their Second Amendment right confers upon them the freedom to express themselves by openly carrying their firearms under any circumstances.

How can we reconcile that difference of opinion?

A proposed bill in our state Senate would restrict firearms at demonstrations and on the Olympia campus. SB-5038 would amend the state’s preemption of gun laws offering protection of both First Amendment rights and to those who conduct business in our capitol.

Neither of these amendments would have negative impact on Second Amendment rights more than any other restriction currently listed under law.

Perhaps we can at least find agreement on that.

It takes practice, but we can try.

Brian Grad


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