LETTER: Reliable sources

Most of truly desire to have our old normal pre-COVID lives back.

To achieve this we must be united in getting the COVID vaccine into our arms.

Without the required population number of 70 percent to 85 percent vaccinated, per Dr. Anthony Fauci, we stand to lose many more lives and be restricted for a much longer time.

We need to trust our source of information. I rely on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), which was established in 1946.

Sadly many rely on, swear by, or die by online unproven propaganda that is not reliable.

Please fact check your information, and be smart in your thinking and decision making.

Snopes is one fact check site.

Not wearing masks, not social distancing and indoor gatherings — and there are many of you — have been a huge contributing factor to this mess we’re in.

We were able to begin living somewhat more normally — dining in restaurants, gyms open and so forth.

Now our behavior has set us back immeasurably.

The collateral damages: businesses closing, some forever; jobs lost; schools closed; homes lost; mental health issues increasing and on and on.

As is evident, this isn’t just about you.

What about this don’t you get?

And why don’t you care?

Sandra Larson

Port Angeles

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