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HELP LINE: Ombudsman program volunteers are on ‘her’ side

IN THIS LINE of work, I listen to a lot of stories, which is fine, because the only way to figure out how to attempt… Continue reading


HELP LINE: Explore available tools to help make retirement plans

I’M HOPING TO get your attention: I get a lot of emails from a lot of people who have figured out that they’re aging. Well,… Continue reading


HELP LINE: Readers write in to say ‘You’re not alone’

I TEND TO go on about caregivers and caregiving. I do that a lot because there are a lot of caregivers doing a lot of… Continue reading


HELP LINE: Trick or treat in the world of Medicare

HAPPY (ALMOST) HALLOWEEN! Got your costume ready to go? My first idea was to masquerade as an elder. Then, I realized that I am that… Continue reading

HELP LINE: There might be help for you, if you need it

CAREGIVER IS A funny word because it means almost nothing to the people that it’s meant to describe. Everybody else knows what it means —… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s time for open enrollment with Medicare

TODAY IS OCT. 13. In addition to an ever-helpful reality check, that simple fact also tells us that Tuesday is Oct. 15. And a lot… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Information to know if your wages are going to be garnished

THIS ISN’T FUN or funny, but it could be important. This is about garnishment. Garnishment is what happens when a creditor comes after your money… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s time to think about volunteering with Tax-Aide

MOST OF US have secret wishes for ourselves (I hesitate to use the word “fantasies,” as those might be edging into some edgy territory for… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Harvey answers more frequently asked questions

I SAT DOWN recently to write yet another column about Medicare, but then I thought to myself, “I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Readers ask, Harvey answers

I HAVE RECEIVED a lot of smart questions from a lot of you. So, because other folks might benefit from the same exchanges, let’s share… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Don’t be so afraid of tomorrow that you lose today

A FEW SHORT weeks ago, I did a column on “Gerascophobia.” Yeah, I had to look it up, too. It is, apparently, defined as “…… Continue reading

HELP LINE: It’s never too late to celebrate fathers

I didn’t know that, but it’s put me in mind of Father’s Day. I have… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Sometimes a chance is all you need to help

“PRIDE COMETH BEFORE a fall,” we’ve been told. Well, nothing can hurt your pride (and other relevant body parts) like falling over, but, no, I’m… Continue reading

HELP LINE: A reader shares her tale of being ‘scammed’

I OFTEN GO on about scams. In my opinion, what follows in an email from a local lady was not a scam, but it is… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Catch up on this and that this week

OK, I GUESS it’s time to clean up my act (don’t say it) by cleaning out my miscellaneous file. Remember, miscellaneous does not mean unimportant.… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Take life as a gift and grab it

WOW, I FEEL vaguely … deficient. There’s a new thing to be afraid of (well, new to me) and I’d completely missed the whole thing.… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Always remember that aging is an accomplishment

EVERY YEAR AT about this time, the U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Health Statistics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and probably several dozen other… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Beware of scams in the mail

GREED IS AN amazing thing, but that isn’t news. Pretty much, it seems that if there’s a way to get blood out of a turnip,… Continue reading

HELP LINE: We have to decide to be better

WHERE IN THE world is the Information & Assistance office? We’re still in Sequim. We just moved to 609 W. Washington St., Suite 16. Don’t… Continue reading