Emily Hanson

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Cooking the best Thanksgiving turkey

I LOVE THANKSGIVING. It’s always been my favorite holiday and I’ve never been entirely sure why. Maybe I love it because the house is usually… Continue reading


Washington voters weigh federal races, carbon tax, gun law

Broad changes to gun policy and what could be the first carbon tax in the nation… Continue reading


THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Feeling crabby? Try this dip

along with a visit from my mother, who loves crab and thus attends the… Continue reading


THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Modifications to classic recipe create delicious breakfast

I’VE MENTIONED BEFORE that I usually have the same breakfast every morning. It’s a pretty simple and basic breakfast that is quick to prepare and… Continue reading


Do you think child care is affordable on the North Olympic Peninsula?… Continue reading

  • Sep 8, 2018

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: A used stand mixer is the perfect gift

MY MOTHER IS awesome. I’m sure most, if not all, people think their mom is the most awesome woman on the planet, but let me… Continue reading

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: If at first you don’t succeed, try again

I RECENTLY ACCOMPLISHED a previously-thought impossible task: I made cheesecake. One of my older sisters used to make the best cheesecake I had ever had.… Continue reading

Seattle repeals homeless-aid tax after Amazon objects

Seattle leaders Tuesday repealed a tax on large companies such as Amazon and Starbucks after a backlash… Continue reading

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Things can go right — and so wrong — in the kitchen

I’VE BEEN EXPERIMENTING lately. Not in a lab, but perhaps in an even more unstable environment … my kitchen. It started innocently enough. I got… Continue reading

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Chocolate chip cookies pave the road to happiness

I’M PRETTY SURE I’ve discovered the key to a happy life. It’s simple, inexpensive and delicious. And here it is: Always keep the ingredients for… Continue reading

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: A dinner even a dinner-despiser can love

I DESPISE DINNER. It’s not that I mind eating the meal. It’s just such a hassle to plan, prepare and serve dinner. I don’t know… Continue reading

THE COOKING HOBBYIST: Mix and remix until the recipe is right

SNICKERDOODLES HAVE BECOME the bane of my baking existence. Last summer, through a smartphone app called Yummly, I found a recipe for the cookies that… Continue reading