Derek Binnersley of Victoria, B.C., crosses the finish line as the winner of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon. Binnersley, running his first marathon, won in a time of 2 hours, 48 minutes, 47.51 seconds, winning by more than 5 minutes. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Derek Binnersley of Victoria, B.C., crosses the finish line as the winner of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon. Binnersley, running his first marathon, won in a time of 2 hours, 48 minutes, 47.51 seconds, winning by more than 5 minutes. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Victoria runners lead the way in annual marathon

Series of races include 5K, 10K and kids event

PORT ANGELES — There were new winners, old winners and Canadian winners at the North Olympic Discovery Marathon Sunday morning.

Along the way, there was also pain and tears of joy as runners pushed themselves to their limits and maybe a bit beyond.

Runners had near-perfect sunny conditions with a bit of headwind in the final stretch in this year’s edition of the marathon, the 21st year of the event. The Peninsula Daily News, Sequim Gazette and Olympic Medical Center are all title sponsors.

Sunday’s races included the full marathon that began in Blyn at 7 Cedars Resort and finished at the Port Angeles City Pier, a half marathon that began at the Agnew soccer fields and the team relay marathon. On Saturday, organizers held the 5K, 10K and kids marathon.

The winner of the marathon was Derek Binnersley, 33, from Victoria, B.C., running in his first marathon. He crossed the finish line in 2 hours, 48 minutes, 47.51 seconds.

“I’m pretty exhausted,” Binnersley said. “I’ve been training quite a bit for the past six months for this.”

“It was a beautiful course. Pretty flat. There was a little bit of a headwind, but other than that, it was perfect. The wind really picked up along the waterfront,” he said.

Victoria runners dominated the marathon, taking three of the top five positions.

Michael Thelander of Portland, Ore., was second in a time of 2:54:04.85, and last year’s marathon winner, John Mauro of Port Townsend, was third at 2:54:48.19.

The winner of the women’s marathon pushed herself so hard she got sick at the finish line. Sara King of Shoreline finished in a time of 3:12:17.49, which was the seventh-fastest time among all runners and 17 minutes ahead of the second-fastest female runner.

It was just her second marathon. She had previously run the Seattle Marathon.

“It was a lot hillier than I thought. I’ve never thrown up before after a race,” she said. “I was slower than I was in Seattle actually. It was a lot harder than I anticipated.”

Second among women was Laura Ferreira (3:29:08.55) of Victoria and third was Emily Granger (3:29:33.08), also of Victoria.

The winner of the half marathon was a familiar name in local racing circles — Keith Laverty of Bainbridge Island.

Laverty, who has previously won the NODM full marathon and 10K, crushed the rest of the field, winning in 1:13:01 — a pace of about 5:36 per mile — nearly 10 minutes ahead of second place. He said the race conditions were great except for an “intense headwind the last two miles.” By then, he had built a huge lead over the rest of the pack.

“I ran solo wire to wire. I don’t take anything for granted when it comes to races. You never know who’s going to be in it,” Laverty said. He added he likes coming out to the NODM because he has a partner who is from Sequim.

The half marathon winner, Heidi Roberts of Selah, was in tears at the finish line when she saw a long-lost brother waiting for her.

“It was emotional. I hadn’t seen my brother in years. I didn’t realize he was even alive,” she said.

Roberts had run some marathons before, but this was her first half-marathon victory.

“It’s beautiful. I love that course,” she said. “The volunteers are all awesome. I highly recommend it.”

Roberts’ goal was to run a half-marathon under 1 hour, 30 minutes, which she said she hadn’t done in a few years. She crossed the finish line in 1:29.

The winner of the team relay was a local team of college men and women, most of whom attended Port Angeles High School.

The team of IGS (“I’ve Got Speed”) won with a time of 2:56:24.02, winning by a whopping 45 minutes. They consist of Kynzie DeLeon (Warner Pacific), Langdon Larson (Port Angeles High School), Lauren Larson (Boise State), all of Port Angeles, and Campbell Faust and Sophia Hachett, both of Portland State. Lauren Larson won the NODM women’s 10K Saturday (and was third overall) while Langdon was second in the men’s 10K.

North Olympic Discovery Marathon

Top 10 runners each division

Results are unofficial and may be updated

Times are clock times

Men’s Marathon — Derek Binnersley, Victoria, B.C., first, 2:48:50.61; Michael Thelander, Portland, Ore., second, 2:54:06.22; John Mauro, Port Townsend, third, 2:54:48.19; Enrico Murr, Victoria, B.C., fourth, 2:56:41.11; Leon Breton, Victoria, B.C., fifth, 3:06:28.01; George Harris, Austin, Texas, sixth, 3:08:32.88; David Stout, Fairfax Station, Va., seventh, 3:12:38.72; Jeremy Topping, Seattle, eighth, 3:12:38.72; Tony Eckel, Bothell, ninth, 2:14:25.43; Josh Irving, Comox, B.C., 10th, 3:1436.96.

Women’s Marathon — Sara King, Shoreline, first, 3:12:19.57; Laura Ferreira, Victoria, second, 3:29.10.30; Emily Granger, Victoria, third, 3:29:33.08; Claire Fuscoe, Seattle, fourth, 3:29:46.44; Katelyn Pelak, Seattle, fifth, 3:31:45.03; Ricki Doyle, Eston, Sask., sixth, 3:35:36.01; Jessia Babbitt, Olympia, seventh, 3:36:53.43; Elise LaFramboise, Seattle, eighth, 3:38:02.26; Lia Swanson, Poulsbo, ninth, 3:41:14.12; Michele DeSilva, Bend, Ore., 10th, 3:44:20.76.

Men’s Half-Marathon — Keith Laverty, Bainbridge, first, 1:13:01.63; Evan Wendel, Seattle, second, 1:22:51.14; Michael Kirkland, Sarnia, Ont., third, 1:22:52.94; Ethan Huff, Bremerton, fourth, 1:23:37.33; Levi Hanscom, Seattle, fifth, 1:23:39.75; Jackson Burger, Seattle, sixth, 1:24:075; Dominic Lauer, Gig Harbor, seventh, 1:25:20.69; Zac Wise, Seattle, eighth, 1:25:36.51; Ian Agopsowicz, Seattle, ninth, 1:31:0581; Chris Fields, PA, 10th, 1:31:10.08.

Women’s Half-Marathon — Heidi Roberts, Selah, first, 1:29:19.38; Eva Huff, Bremerton, second, 1:35:16.39; Audry Maas, Amity, Ore., third, 1:35:57.08; Judith Puzon, Enumclaw, fourth, 1:40:45.97; Nathasha Puzon, Enumclaw, fifth, 1:41:04.23; Giovanna Florenica, Seattle, sixth, 1:42:03.20; Christina Wickingson, Kingston, seventh, 1:42:37.23; Roxanne Porter-Smith, Seattle, eighth, 1:44:22.72; Riley Grace Borden, Coupeville, ninth, 1:44:55.58; Katie Riggins, University Place, 10th, 1:44:58.44.

Marathon Relay — IGS “I’ve Got Speed” first, 2:56:24.02; Three Chicks and a Dick, second, 3:41:54.44; Margins of Terror, third, 3:50:40.85; Pass the Baby, fourth, 3:54:58.78; Whose Idea Was This Anyway?, fifth, 4:03:49.04; The Twisted Ankles, sixth, 4:08:27.97; Oncorhychus Gorbuscha, seventh, 4:10:55.0; Rain City Bigeons, eighth, 4:12:08.26; Tom’s Biggest Disappointments, ninth, 4:16:26.97; Worst Pace Scenario, 10th, 4:17:08.32.

Saturday’s 10K and 5K

PORT ANGELES — Though runners young and old tackled the Olympic Discovery trail for Saturday’s North Olympic Discovery Marathon 5K and 10K races, it was youngsters who led the way.

Two high school students, a recent high school graduate and a college runner won the men and women’s 5K and 10K.

There were both local winners and a winner from the Midwest. There had been strong winds all week long, which can be difficult for runners, especially on the parts of the trail along the Olympic waterfront. But the winds died down Saturday and runners all reported near-perfect conditions.

The 5K and 10K races featured a showdown between the Lemrick family of Anacortes and the Larson family of Port Angeles.

The winner of the men’s 10K was Kaeden Peterson, a recent graduate of Kingston High School. He was hoping for a sub-35-minute time and just cracked it at 34 minutes, 52 seconds.

“I was feeling really good. When I was doing warm-ups, I wasn’t feeling so good. So I really surprised myself,” he said.

The 10K women’s winner was a familiar name in local racing circles, Lauren Larson, who won the 10K last year. Larson was a runner for the Roughriders and now runs cross-country for Boise State University.

Larson finished in a time of 36:51, beating the second-place women’s runner by more than a minute. She was third overall among all runners. Her brother Langdon, a runner for Port Angeles High School, was second in the 10K at 35:50.34 and her sister Leia, also a Roughriders runner, was third among women and 10th overall in the 5K with a time of 21:09.

“It was probably one my better 10Ks,” Lauren Larson said. “It was a beautiful day. No wind. There were lots of people on the course cheering us on.”

“I would have liked to have gotten a PR (personal record), but it’s still good. I had a good time,” said Leia.

Leyton Larson, 12, finished eighth overall in the 5K and sixth among males with a time of 20:51.99.

Kolin Keltner, 16, a junior at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Mo., won the men’s 5K.

Casey Lemrick, 17, came from across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to compete in her first non-school race. The Anacortes High School student was the women’s 5K winner and had the fourth-fastest overall time of 19:39. She is part of an extremely strong Anacortes girls cross-country team that finished second in the state last fall.

Lemrick said she was aiming for a sub-20 time and got in at 19:38.

“This is my first time doing a race like this, so here we are,” she said.

She is also part of a running family as family members Chad Lemrick finished third in the 5K (19:27) and Lucy Lemrick, 15, was the second-fastest 5K female (and sixth overall) at 20:03.

In all, the Larsons picked up a first- , a second- , a third- and a sixth-place finish. Mother Jeanne Larson was 12th among the women in the 5K. The Lemricks collected a first, a second and a third.

Top 10 finishers

Unofficial results that must still be confirmed.

Results will be updated.

North Olympic Discovery Marathon 5K and 10K (Times are clock times. Full names not included for children under 12)

10K men — Kaeden Peterson, Kingston, first, 34:50.29; Langdon Larson, PA, second, 35:50.34; Simon Tang, Poulsbo, third, 40:07.51; Aman Luthra, Everett, fourth, 40:47.09; Jayden McLarty, fifth, 40:57.28; David Blalock, Poulsbo, sixth, 42:30.23; Andrew Gorbett, Forks, seventh, 43:43.33; Mark Davis, Gig Harbor, eighth, 44:01.55; Mark Curtiss, Portland, Ore., ninth, 45:14.49; Alex Hall, Bremerton, 10th, 46:18.50.

10K women — Lauren Larson, PA, first, 36:51.13; Trisha Helmer, Abbortsford, BC, second, 38:00; Noella Patel, Lake Forest Park, third, 46:49.06; Nancy Patel, Seattle, fourth, 47:51.33; Miriam Cobb, PA, fifth, 47:48.87; Andrea Hillary, Seattle, sixth, 48:03.47; Emily Aldridge, Bremerton, seventh, 49:00.83; Katy Jach, Seattle, eighth, 49:19.13; Kathy Tierney, Yakima, ninth, 49:19.34; Madeline Orem, Seattle, 10th, 51:30.36.

5K men — Kolin Keltner, Springfield, Mo., first, 18:33.40; Ethan Martin, Sequim, second, 19:15.62; Chad Lemrick, Anacortes, third, 19:27.10; Michael Higuera, PA, fourth, 19:38.21; Sawyer Davis, PA, fifth, 20:48.99; Leyton Larson, PA, sixth, 20:51.99; Noah Lansford, Panama City, Fla., seventh, 21:13.53; Justin McLarty, PA, eighth, 1:21.27; Christopher Lansford, Panama City, Fla., ninth, 22:58.03; G. Moon, Seabeck, 10th, 23:03.34.

5K women — Casey Lemrick, Anacortes, first, 19:39.66; Lucy Lemrick, Anacortes, second, 20:03.59; Leia Larson, PA, third, 21:09.62; Lilli Toone, Marysville, fourth, 22:20.38; Alexis Neal, Bremerton, fifth, 23:05.45; Aimee Olbu, Marysville, sixth, 23:15.03; Kathie Moen, Issaquah, seventh, 23:30.13; Lucy Wait, PA, eighth, 24:18.50; C. Waknitz, PA, ninth, 24:17.17; M. Walton, PA, 10th, 24:25.65.


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Sara King of Shoreline crosses the finish line of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon as the women’s winner in a time of 3:12:19.57, winning the women’s division by 17 minutes. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Sara King of Shoreline crosses the finish line of the North Olympic Discovery Marathon as the women’s winner in a time of 3:12:19.57, winning the women’s division by 17 minutes. (Dave Logan/for Peninsula Daily News)

Runners take off from 7 Cedars Casino in Blyn at the start of the 2023 North Olympic Discovery Marathon. (Michael Dashiell/Olympic Peninsula News Group)

Runners take off from 7 Cedars Casino in Blyn at the start of the 2023 North Olympic Discovery Marathon. (Michael Dashiell/Olympic Peninsula News Group)

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