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Psychic Near Me: Best Sites of 2021

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If life has taught us anything over the last year, it’s that even the things we thought were cemented into our daily lives can change. This reality can be extremely unsettling for anyone, and if you’re anything like most of us, you have probably been left with questions about what to do next in your career, relationships, and any other important aspect of your life. Psychics are available right now to answer your questions and give you the kind of guidance and answers you’re looking for. Divine wisdom can channel the messages you need to hear at this stage in your life. And the best part of all.. You don’t need to do anything other than visit a website, make a selection that resonates with you, and get answers! Connect with a psychic to get your reading via online chat, phone call, or even video call. Some psychics also offer email as an option too, so you get the kind of versatility that lets you tailor your reading to your own preferences.

The best part of being able to connect with a psychic online is that you can get the intuitive guidance all from the comfort of your own home. Even if you have generally preferred working with your local psychic, you will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and connection that can be achieved working with a psychic online. And when you opt for a psychic reading online, you also gain several additional benefits besides a great reading. In addition, below we include sites that have a strict checking process, which adds a layer of security to put your mind at ease. Check out our top picks below and try out any or all of their introductory offers.

Psychic Near Me: Online Alternatives

  1. Keen – Most Reputable
  2. Kasamba – Very Good Reviews
  3. MysticSense – Top-Rated Psychics
  4. Asknow – Most Affordable

Psychic readings are meant to bring you the kind of peace you can only get when you have the wisdom and kindness that comes with spiritual support.

Psychics Online – Site / Service Reviews

1. Keen – Most Reputable



  • Your first three minutes with a psychic are free
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Introductory packages available
  • Check out Keen radio for guidance and tips
  • Look up your horoscope on the Keen website


  • You can only connect via chat, phone, or email

With Keen, you can quickly connect with a psychic who provides you with intuitive guidance and helps you arrive at the answers that help you better navigate your life. They are straightforward about pricing and have a filtering tool that lets you decide what price range you want to pay for your reading. However, if you’re open to any price point, you’ll notice some psychics charge $9.99+ while others have a more affordable per minute rate, starting at $1.99. Choose to connect with a psychic by phone or by using the online chat feature. You can also filter psychics by their different skills or methods and by their specialty. If you know you’re looking for a destiny and life path reading and want to work with someone who uses the tarot, then you can select what you’re looking for and only those psychics that meet your designated qualifications will appear in your search results.

The main page has summarized psychic profiles, which include a photo of the psychic along with some pieces of information to help you get to know them and help you decide if you’d like to learn more about them. Psychics are given space to share their name or other identifier along with a sentence or phrase that summarizes them. They also share a little bit about themselves, their approach, and what you get out of choosing them to work with. You can also see how well they’ve been rated by past customers and how many readings they’ve completed on Keen. If a particular psychic captures your attention, you can choose to connect with them. If they’re available, you can connect right away but if they’re not available at that moment, you can choose to schedule an appointment with them at a later date.

If you’d like to read through their full profile before deciding to schedule a call or chat with them, just click on their name and you’ll be taken to their main profile page. Here you can learn more about their specialties, so you can determine if they’d be a good fit for your needs. You can also look at what their abilities are, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and even other abilities like chakra clearing. In their full profiles, psychics share more about their background, including when they realized they were gifted and how long they have been offering psychic readings. You can also get a good gauge of how they approach their readings, whether they take a more direct approach or choose a more compassionate style. It’s just enough information for you to make a well-informed decision to connect with them or move on to someone better suited for you.

Click Here To Get 3 Free Minutes With Keen

2. Kasamba – Very Good Reviews



  • Use chat, phone, or email to connect with a psychic
  • Take advantage of the three free chat minutes
  • Choose from a wide range of reading types
  • Enjoy an additional 50% off when you sign up


  • Daily horoscopes are not available

With Kasamba, you have a large network of psychics to choose from. Your life journey will always have ups and downs, whether in love and relationships or in your career and finances. The psychics at Kasamba are there to help you make the most of your life’s journey, so you can experience as much happiness and joy as possible. With these psychics, you have several different services to choose from. If you’re considering changing jobs or moving down a completely new career path, you can request a career forecast to help you make the decision that is most beneficial to you. If you’ve been having frequent vivid dreams filled with symbolism you don’t understand, you can connect with a psychic to receive a dream analysis. With over 20 years serving customers just like you, Kasamba has a psychic with just the right gifts and personality for you to feel comfortable connecting with.

You can scroll through their psychics from the main psychic listings page. Each summarized profile includes a picture of the psychic and a few words from the psychic about how they work, what their gifts are, how long they’ve been providing psychic readings, or any other piece of information they deem important for you to know upfront. When you choose to chat with a new psychic, your first three minutes are always free. This is a great feature that sets Kasamba apart. With this feature, you can try out different psychics until you find one that you have great chemistry with. This is such a crucial aspect of a good psychic reading, so being able to chat for a few minutes upfront before having to pay secures your overall satisfaction.

Once you’re ready to connect with a psychic, just click on the “let’s chat” button to begin communicating. Most psychics are available to chat right away but for those who may be away from their computer, you can click on the “notify me” button to let them know you’re interested in connecting with them. Take a look at any psychic’s full profile to learn more about their gifts and abilities and how they approach their readings. You’ll find they’re usually pretty direct about what you can expect when you choose to work with them, which is helpful when you know what kind of psychic reading you’re looking for. Depending on the subject matter, you may want someone to deliver messages with wisdom or humor, and you’ll be able to grasp a good sense of what their personality is like by taking the time to read more about them.

Click Here To Get 3 Free Minutes + 50% Off With Kasamba

3. MysticSense – Top-Rated Psychics



  • Strict checking process for every psychic
  • Use chat, phone, or video to connect
  • Your first five minutes are free
  • Filtering options for reading customization


  • Introductory offers not listed on psychic profiles

With MysticSense, you can get to know their psychics and connect with someone right away. Each psychic profile has a rating attached to it; you’ll notice that nearly all are rated very well, which lets you know previous customers have been satisfied with their readings. You are also provided with a list of their specialties, which helps you along your decision-making process. Sometimes the intuition of an empath is needed for a psychic reading that touches on delicate matters of the heart and other times, a psychic ability is helpful when you’re looking to connect beyond the veil. Whatever you may be looking for, MysticSense makes it easy to find a psychic with the abilities you need for the most beneficial psychic reading possible. Depending on your preferences, you can work with someone who uses tarot cards or work with someone who specializes in helping you find love. You get to choose the type of service you want and the type of personality you want to work with.

MysticSense makes it easy for you to look through psychic specialties, so you can filter out people who don’t specialize in what you’re looking for. If you’re ready to embark on a new path toward love, you can set the filter to “finding new love” and only psychics who specialize in this type of reading will appear. You may be experiencing what many call a mid-life crisis and are wondering what path lies ahead for you. Check out the “life path and destiny” specialty to work with a psychic who is able to give you the guidance you need to get back on a path toward fulfillment. Each of the psychics available has a specialty they focus on, which improves their overall accuracy. Just narrow down what you’re looking for based on the specialties available, and you’ll quickly be connected with someone who has the answers you’re seeking.

Another great feature of MysticSense’s filtering capabilities is that you can search for a psychic based on their reading style as well. Some psychics have a more direct, no BS approach to their reading style, which may be a welcome breath of fresh air for some and totally off-putting for others. Sometimes, what you need is wisdom, delivered in a thoughtful and compassionate way. Being able to choose reading style from the start helps you connect with a psychic who communicates in a way you’re most receptive to. This cuts down the time you may have spent looking for the right fit. And if you want to work with a psychic who uses a particular set of tools, like a pendulum or oracle cards, you can also narrow down your search by identifying the tools you want included in your psychic reading.

Click Here To Get 5 Free Minutes With MysticSense

4. Asknow – Most Affordable



  • Multiple introductory offers
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Psychics available around the clock
  • Check your daily horoscope on Asknow


  • Video calls are not available

With Asknow, you can easily and quickly connect with a psychic 24/7 using their online chatting option or through a phone call. It doesn’t matter what you’re seeking guidance about – it could be your home life and family relationships, it could be you’re getting discouraged in your dating life, or it could be related to your finances and career path. Whatever you’re looking for guidance and advice on, there is a psychic who can deliver a reading tailored to your needs. Check out the profiles on the main page to see who fits what you’re looking for. Each psychic’s pricing per minute is listed clearly and you’ll notice many of them have discounted pricing at $1.00 per minute. Other psychics show their regular pricing but offer the first five minutes for free. Either way, you get savings and the opportunity to connect with someone ready to offer you some divine guidance.

You can also easily identify who is online and available to speak with and you are provided with a quick view of each psychic’s credentials and specialty categories. This lets you find psychics who specialize in the reading type you’re looking for and note their credentials and expertise. They also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you connect with a psychic and it wasn’t quite what you were looking for, you can request your five minutes back. Use those to connect with someone new who is better suited for you. This is especially helpful if you’re new to online psychic readings!

New customers can take advantage of their introductory packages as well. You can buy 20 minutes or 30 minutes for only $1.00 per minute. Use your minutes throughout the year or spend them all on your first reading – it’s up to you. When you purchase one of their introductory packages, you also get an additional set of five free minutes but be sure to use them right away because they expire within 30 days.

Click Here To Get 5 Free Minutes With Asknow

Psychic Readings: Online versus Local Psychic Near Me?

You may not be able to work with a local psychic in current times or you simply may prefer to receive a psychic reading from the comfort of home – and we don’t blame you! With local psychics, you’re already limited in what you can expect. They usually offer a certain set of services based on their abilities so you kind of just have to take what you can get. Often, they work during the day when you’re also at work, so scheduling can be a bit difficult. If you’re looking for a certain type of reading with a psychic that uses specific tools, you just have to pray that your local psychic is gifted in that area or settle for whatever they do offer.

Online, you have the ability to customize your reading based on your needs and the psychics who don’t meet the criteria you designate just get filtered out. It’s a world of difference – literally, because you can connect with psychics from all over the globe at any time of day. And being able to access their list of reviews easily is ideal for helping you get acquainted with past customer experiences. Unless your local psychic has set up a Google listing, Yelp listing, or other method for customers to write reviews, you’re usually walking in blind. That doesn’t do much for instilling confidence prior to your psychic reading.

Online you get to know your psychic more intimately, because they’re open about who they are, what their background is, and what they specialize in. They even let you know how they approach their readings, so you are never surprised. You have a lot more control about who you get to work with and in a world where everything is out of our control, it’s a nice treat being able to customize something for ourselves. When you’re limited to a psychic that’s in your city or town, you lose that ability to customize and just have to hope they are not only truly gifted, but also thoughtful and expressive in their delivery.

When you work with a psychic online, you know they’ve already been vetted by the service hosting their listing. That brings forth some extra peace of mind. Plus, with satisfaction guarantees, you can always get your credits back and not walk away from a reading feeling cheated or defeated. The convenience afforded by online psychics is another important factor that sets this service apart from your local psychic. You can reach someone at any time of day or night and use whatever connection method you want: online chatting so it feels like you’re just texting a friend, phone calls for a more intimate connection, and video calls so you can enjoy looking at the face of the person you’re speaking with. If you’ve never worked with an online psychic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is, how comfortable you’ll feel, and how satisfied you’ll be after your psychic reading.

Are Online Psychics Readings accurate?

The accuracy of your reading depends on several factors, including the experience level of the psychic you’re working with, the chemistry between the two of you, and how receptive you are to the messages coming through. With online readings, you can secure the first two components. Being able to check out the background of a psychic online, knowing they’ve been vetted by the service hosting them lets you confirm they have the experience needed to conduct a psychic reading. And since you’re able to read through different profiles, you can get a sense of your psychic’s personality to know upfront if you’re likely to have good chemistry. Finally, when you walk into your reading, you can ask your questions and release expectations for the answers that come through.

If you walk in doubtful and resistant, you’re likely to miss the gems your psychic is sharing with you. Even the most accurate reading will feel like a miss if you are not open to receiving. While a healthy dose of skepticism is healthy and expected, be mindful of letting that dominate your reading. There is a certain level of trust that must exist between you and your psychic so the energies can flow freely. When you approach your reading trusting that the universe will guide the reading and you acknowledge that your psychic is just a conduit for the messages meant for you, you’ll get the kind of reading that makes you feel seen, protected, and divinely guided.

When choosing your online psychic, take all the time you need to secure a good match. Look at their photos, read their words, and look at their reviews. They’re letting you know who they are from the start, putting themselves and their gifts out there so you can choose the psychic you’re drawn to. If someone doesn’t call out to you, just move on to the next person. Once you feel you’ve found a good match, take advantage of introductory offers as you move into communication. You’ll know when it’s a good match.

Ways to get a Psychic Reading? (Chat, Webcam, Email, Phone, etc.)

Working with an online psychic is ideal because you don’t have to shift your schedule around or drive through traffic to get anywhere. You choose when you want to get your psychic reading. If you have a bustling home life with daily responsibilities that keep you busy, you may only be able to carve out a few minutes in the evening once everyone has gone to bed. No problem – just hop online and you can immediately begin connecting with a psychic for your reading. Most sites offer multiple ways to connect, depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Chat online with your preferred psychic
  • Call your psychic by phone
  • Email your psychic any questions you have
  • Video call your psychic

Online psychic readings are super convenient and flexible. If you only get a few quiet minutes in the evening and you want to receive your psychic reading without waking anyone up, just choose the chat option. You can quietly communicate with your psychic that way. If you have more flexibility, you may prefer a good old-fashioned phone call for your reading and if you’re a big fan of modern-day video calls, you can go that route for your reading. Most psychics also offer readings by email. This is a convenient option for when you don’t have the time to sit through the reading, but you’d still like to get the guidance and advice you’re looking for.

Depending on your ever-changing circumstances, you may end up trying all of the communication methods listed. Just pay mind to their per minute rates, as they usually change slightly depending on how you prefer to receive your reading. And always take advantage of any free minutes and discounts so you can save each time!


You will always have questions about life; it’s just a part of the package. But you don’t have to sit and wonder when there is a psychic online ready and willing to channel messages for you. We’re not meant to do life alone so when you need spiritual support, don’t hesitate to reach out.

With the services listed above, you have immediate access to top-rated psychics from all over the world. Don’t wait any longer. Your answers are available now.

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