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Psychic Reading Online: Best Sites of 2021

In our daily lives, we must balance a plethora of things to remain alive, happy, comfortable, and successful. This often means properly attending to one’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and romantic needs, a feat that can easily fall off in the business of adult life. Psychic readers are great for getting back on track and for figuring out how to move forward when doing so may seem scary or overwhelming. These sessions should be thought of as tools to drown out the noise of life and just focus on the simplicity and importance of growing, improving, and moving forward.

As strange as it may initially sound, online psychic reading is a service that has been around for years and it only continues to improve in quality and expand in options. Once a far-out occult practice, this helpful service can be enjoyed and used right from the comfort of your own home provided you have the devices and connection to access it. Online psychic hosting sites put customers in touch with thousands of different practicing psychics giving each client ample information and opportunities to make informed decisions when picking a psychic out for themselves.

Even for the most casual advice seeker, psychic readings sound pretty amazing and tempting, but why get one online vs in person? Online psychic advisor collectives like the ones listed below provide access to reliable and easily accessible professionals from anywhere in the world. With just the click of a button, you can choose from hundreds of talented individuals so you can always find the best psychic for your personal needs.

Best Psychic Reading Sites of 2021 – Precise, Fast, Live-Readings

  1. Keen – Highly Rated
  2. Kasamba – Great Customer Experience
  3. MysticSense – Trusted and Reliable Readers

With these websites, getting in touch with a reliable psychic has never been easier, and consulting one may bring you great peace or even surprising assurance.

1. Keen – Highly Rated



  • All psychics are screened and are typically quite experienced
  • Easy to use and navigate website
  • Great resources for first-timers
  • Thorough information on each psychics methods, backgrounds, and techniques


  • Only gives options to contact through phone or message

With hundreds of trusted advisors, thousands of positive reviews, and over 20 years of excellent service under their belts, it’s no surprise that Keen is our top pick for best online psychic readings. It can be difficult to find someone reliable when looking to get a tarot reading, a struggle that is only intensified in the vast landscape of the web. With Keen, users can browse safely, knowing that they are receiving a quality experience with memorable results.

Keen has an extensive collection of advisors, and at first, finding the right one for you may seem daunting; this is where their highly detailed search system comes to the rescue. Thanks to the site’s built-in filters, anyone can search with ease and organize their results by needs, advisor type, price, or even by rating! You can even prioritize your search by advisor “skills and methods,” allowing you to choose from options like clairvoyant, empath, tarot, medium, and even clairaudient.

Using Keen is safe, and information like phone numbers and email are stored in the system but are not shared with any of the psychics to protect customers’ privacy. Not only that, but they are extremely transparent with helpful information on all of their psychic advisors. With one click on their profile, you can read about their work hours (automatically adjusted to your time zone), skills and methods, reviews, and so much more! Finding an advisor that works for you and your needs is paramount. These biographies and customer reviews make choosing the right psychic for you much easier even at a glance.

New to online psychic readings? No problem! Keen provides a lot of information, from their blog to the info bubbles linked to psychic lingo, to even a small section about the basics of tarot reading on the bottom of their tarot search page. All of these resources make it much easier to jump right into the wonderful and insightful world of psychic reading!

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2. Kasamba – Great Customer Experience



  • The first 3 minutes with every new psychic are free
  • Shows users when psychics are online and active
  • Includes options and custom rates for email sessions
  • Thorough screenings for all their psychics


  • The website can be clunky and difficult to navigate

Like Keen, Kasamba is an online psychic reading collective that has been dominating the game for 20 years. During these two decades, Kasamba has carved its place as a psychic reading site that prioritizes quality and the satisfaction of its customers, efforts that are clearly reflected in the millions of positive reviews from elated customers worldwide.

Even if a psychic may look like a good match based on their profile and reviews, sometimes people just don’t mesh as imagined. One of the most notable features Kasamba offers is its “Best Match Guarantee.” With this, users are allotted 3 free minutes to chat with every new psychic they try.

This allows users to more easily find the best psychic for them and takes some of the worry and financial burden out of finding the perfect fit.

Tarot card reading can feel extremely vulnerable, as it involves a stranger giving advice, telling you facts about your own life, or even predicting your future. For this reason, it can be extremely nerve-wracking, especially if the person doing it doesn’t have the most tact when talking about sensitive topics. Kasamba’s psychic advisors are carefully screened, ensuring the utmost professionalism when interacting with clients. Customer reviews beam at how honest, professional, yet caring these advisors are when running a session. This ensures great reads with better results.

If you need answers fast, Kasamba got you covered. Kasamba lets you know when their psychics are online and available, giving customers the option to make quick instant connections in a pinch.

For psychics that are away, users are provided with a “Notify Me” button so they can be alerted when their favorite psychics are back in business and ready for new rounds of questions and readings.

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3. MysticSense – Trusted and Reliable Readers



  • Hundreds of screened psychics to choose from
  • Great prices
  • Extremely specific categories to fit any need (LGBTQ Relationships, Career, and Money, Family Issues, etc)
  • Gives the option to connect with psychics through video chat


  • Basic filtering options

MysticSense offers the widest array of psychics at some of the best prices. Whether you need to find someone specific or need a certain way to get in touch with your psychic, MysticSense has got you covered. The large body of talent they have to draw from allows customers to get a little bit of whatever they want, and with their low prices, almost anyone can indulge in a glimpse into the future.

As stated before, there are a lot of psychics on MysticSense, and they all have different areas of specialty both spiritually and in the topics they typically tackle. Like with many other sites, you can look for individuals based on their abilities like “clairvoyance,” but MysticSense also offers way more specialty options that are not seen in other sites.

Many online psychic reading services give options to look for advisors that specialize in categories like romance, finances, or life advice. MysticSense takes this a step further by specifying, even more, providing categories like “LGBTQ Relationships,” “Lost Objects,” “Toxic Relationships,” and many more to add to the “standard” specialties.

Since there are more MysticSense psychics to choose from when compared to other reputable online psychic reading sites, the psychics are often less booked and can be easier to see more frequently. This makes MysticSense the perfect platform for individuals seeking frequent spur-of-the-moment visits with an advisor.

MysticSense also offers the unique option to video chat the psychic. Many sites pride themselves on the anonymity of the sessions, but, for some, contacting a psychic through phone or text can feel a bit too detached. For individuals seeking a more personalized connection, video sessions with a psychic advisor could be extremely appealing.

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The Different Types of Psychic Readings

What constitutes as a “different” type of psychic reading can vary from resource to resource depending on one’s personal definitions. As such, it can be difficult to definitively name every type of psychic reading, but the most common ones you’ll find online include tarot card reading, aura readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, and guidance via a psychic medium.

Tarot card readers use a psychic ability known as divination, a gift also associated with rune and crystal reads. These individuals divine answers through the use of tools, like the tarot cards. Tarot card readers learn each card’s meaning relative to the other cards and the position of the Earth. These psychics are great for individuals looking for a bit of insight or guidance.

Aura readers have the ability to sense their clients’ auras. This type of reading is great for a person looking to learn more about themselves or for people who have been feeling drained. Sometimes the insight provided by an aura reader helps people realize what energizes them and what exhausts them, helping that person to be happier and more productive than ever.

Dream Analysis psychics do exactly what their title implies. These individuals use their gifts to interpret the meaning of or ask spirit guides about perplexing or reoccurring dreams. This is a great option for people struggling with sleep or people plagued by vivid and intense dreams.

Astrology readers use the client’s birth paired with the current state of the planets to make predictions and to provide (usually) short-term guidance. These types of readers are some of the most well-known in pop culture and often get a bad rep from cheap “horoscope” sites and apps. Despite their reputation, these powerful psychics possess some of the most insightful and unique abilities.

Psychic mediums are able to converse with spirits and can communicate with spirits plaguing the individual or passed relatives to convey helpful or insightful information. With their connection to the spirits and the spirit world, they provide some of the most unique advice as they work as a translator for the great beyond. Individuals looking to pass final words on to a deceased loved one may find great peace with a good psychic medium.

Even with all of these categories, there are so many more types of psychics, psychic readings, and psychic tools (it’s almost too many to count)! They are all wonderful and each possesses qualities that may make them seem more or less attractive to potential clients based on their strengths and weaknesses. Although any is great, it’s best to put in the research before pursuing psychic advice to make sure you find the method or type that works best for you.

A Brief History of Tarot Card Reading

It is estimated that the first tarot cards were seen in Europe as early as the 14th century, but the actual act of tarot card reading wasn’t established until the late 1700s. While there is little evidence that shows that he started the practice of tarot card reading, many recognize a Frenchman named Jean-Baptiste Alliette as the occultist who spread and helped popularize the practice. Not only did he write about tarot card reading, but he also was the first to separate the deck into the major and minor arcana, a division that is still recognized by tarot card readers even to this day.

Over the next couple hundred years, the cards would be ascribed different meanings and the practice would gain enough notoriety that it would spread around the entire world. Although tarot was once a card game as normal and average as a plain deck of cards, it has since grown to be the psychic tool and occult symbol that it is today.


What happens when I get a psychic reading?

You may be wondering “What even happens when I get a psychic reading?” This is a perfectly normal question and, while the process is safe and straightforward, it’s interesting and helpful to understand how it happens and what’s going on before going in for your first read. In many cases, psychic advisors are more than happy to explain how everything works, but when you’re paying by the minute, it’s a bit of a relief when you can save yourself a minute or two.

When going to see a true tarot card reader, it’s important to remember that the cards aren’t the powerful thing, it’s the psychic. Tarot cards are tools used by psychics to perform their work. Think of them as a camera to a photographer. Anyone can use a camera, but a photographer can use it to make their art.

When your cards are revealed, the psychic will use their knowledge of the deck as well as their gifts to interpret the meaning of the cards. This process may start very vague and occasionally requires a conversation to spark between the reader and the customer. During this time, both individuals work together to interpret the meaning of the cards relative to the client’s life and needs.

Why should I get a psychic reading?

Many people make the mistake of going into a psychic reading for definitive answers on life questions or the future. While a good psychic reading can provide information like this, it is typically not the goal or outcome of such sessions. Psychic readings are wonderful for individuals who may be on the fence about big decisions or for people who are feeling a little lost and are looking for fresh perspectives and exterior guidance.

Many claim that psychic readings are great for confirming one’s beliefs, thoughts, or ideas, allowing them to move forward with decisions with more confidence. These readings can also give individuals a leg up on navigating the turbulent seas of life.

Some may get a psychic reading only to dislike the news or fortune they hear. This is where psychic readings can be great for proactive people. If you hear a reading that you don’t like you may still change your future since these readings are more about projected outcomes and guidance. Fixing problems before they become blown out of proportion is a huge upside to these readings, and is a large part of why more and more turn to psychic readings every day.

How long does a session take?

Psychic reading sessions can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the psychic, your needs, and the clarity of the card meanings. The actual process of drawing the cards can be relatively fast, but the key to a great session is discussion. Each card has an ascribed meaning so readings can tend to sound pretty vague at first. By opening up about your life, you can work with the psychic to figure out what aspect of your life the cards apply to. Depending on the complexity of your issues and the meaning of the cards, this process can happen quickly or may call for a longer session. This is key to keep in mind when booking a session or budgeting for one.

Some people may also seek the guidance of a psychic reader because it will put them at ease and solidify a few thoughts. Individuals looking for these types of services may also favor or end up with longer sessions as it may call for more discussion and conversation. Psychic readings are what you make of it, and because of this, the length drastically varies based on you and your willingness to work with your psychic. Some psychic advisors may just be faster than others, but a majority of the session will come down to you and your needs.

Why should I get my psychic readings done online?

Life can be stressful, scary, and sometimes, downright unpredictable. It can be tough going through your day only to face both unexpected ups and downs. Sometimes you may even think to yourself “Gee, if only I could see into the future then my life would be so much easier.” Maybe you won’t be able to see your future exactly, but with psychic readings, you may be able to navigate life a little more comfortably.

As hinted at above, not all psychics are what they claim they are, and it’s becoming increasingly harder to find individuals with genuine psychic gifts. It’s difficult not to get scammed when visiting in-person psychic shops, and there’s no way of knowing until after spending way too much money. Psychic hosting websites screen their applicants before even listing them, and give customers the ability to read other’s reviews, allowing them to gauge an advisor’s abilities before ever scheduling a session. Since you pay by the minute, you can make your decision fast and leave if anyone gives you bad or fraudulent vibes. Customers can easily try multiple psychics before settling on one they like and trust.

Websites are also usually way more accessible for individuals. This may especially be good for people who are looking for guidance because they can’t leave home, or for individuals that may face scrutiny from being seen visiting a psychic shop. Online psychic hubs give the customers ease of use and reassuring anonymity, two highly attractive and valuable qualities.

Lastly, there are just way more options when looking for psychic help online. Towns usually have one or two psychic reader shops, but many of these shops have a limited selection of psychics, and some places don’t even have establishments like this at all. Psychic hosting websites give customers exponentially more options, giving individuals the freedom to choose someone they enjoy and mesh with.

How accurate are online psychic readings?

If you find a great match or a good connection, online psychic readings can be fairly accurate. While you won’t be able to guess the Keno lottery, you may be blessed with helpful guidance and insights for moving forward in life. It is a common misconception that psychic readings predict the future in an almost fantasy movie sort of way. While clairvoyant psychics may share visions of the future, these sessions are more often than less a way of getting some nudges in the right direction and some peace of mind.

Tarot reading is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years and it has been used as a tool to guide individuals through spiritual means. Many people have driven past “psychic reading” establishments; some may even stop inside for a read. For many, even if the practice seems interesting, the whole process of going in and getting a live reading can be extremely nerve-wracking. With online psychic reading, you can say goodbye to the dingy shag carpets and neon eyeball signs and skip right to seeing your future from the comfort of your own home.

Psychic reading accuracy also hinges on the authenticity of the psychic in question. Anyone can learn the meaning of tarot cards, but only people with the gift of divination can properly read and assess these cards in a way that is meaningful. Without this ability, the so-called “psychic” is about as helpful as any informative book.

Even so, it’s important to remember that these readings aren’t 100% accurate, even with the most talented and awakened of psychics.


Psychic reading is a practice that has been utilized and has evolved over hundreds of years. Although they were not initially created for the purpose of fortune-telling, the cards have grown quite the reputation and are now widely revered as a helpful tool among psychics from around the world. With their spirituality and extensive knowledge of these tarot decks, psychics are able to provide a unique type of guidance that is highly sought after by individuals looking for alternative advice, and good reason too; tarot readings help people feel like they’re doing the right thing.

Not all online psychic reading services are the same so it’s important to do ample research when looking for a psychic for you. Some sites are clearly just looking to make a quick buck and could be fabricated by individuals who may not even believe in the practice. The sites we listed are a cut above the rest and were chosen because of the quality of their psychics and the lengths they go through to screen each applicant before listening to them.

Whether you’re in a 5 year long stale relationship or you’ve got some financial problems you need to be sorted, you can rest easier knowing that a psychic reading session may be the solution for you. Regardless of if you want to do it out of stress or out of boredom, really consider booking an appointment with a psychic reader; you just may like what your future holds!

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