LETTER:Whose advantage?

Have you ever wondered why the traditional Medicare so many of us have had for years never offered free gym membership, transportation and now, hell’s bells, free groceries for $2,060 annually?

Too good to be true?

The only free food comes from the good people at the local food banks.

The so-called Medicare Advantage is a private health insurance and the only “Advantage” benefits the large corporate health insurance companies, who are plundering the Medicare Trust Fund.

It is scandalous and criminal. These corporations are walking away with billions of dollars of our tax money, every year.

Our health care coverage is being managed by businesses who are paid middlemen, who intervene between us and our physicians.

Procedures and tests may be denied or postponed until the health issues become more serious and possibly deadly.

One of our U.S. representatives likes to talk about his 107-year-old grandmother, whom he lost recently, while praising the quality of her senior years thanks to Social Security and Medicare, but he refuses to speak out against this ruthless extortion.

It appears to me that he doesn’t want that same quality of life for his senior constituents.

Fortunately, very few seniors in Clallam County have changed to the so-called Medicare Advantage.

Let’s hope others see the light. Their lives may depend on it.

Maja Cox