LETTER:Disputes column

Gail Collins’ column “Here’s what doesn’t happen after a mass shooting” on the Nov. 3 commentary page needs clarification.

She’s a columnist for the New York Times, not noted for unbiased journalism.

She maintains after the Maine murders that there won’t necessarily be a bipartisan drive to better gun control laws.

So, we need more gun control that isn’t working in many Democrat-controlled cities and states?

She snidely remarked on the House Speaker Mike Johnson’s comment: “The problem is the human heart, not guns.”

His statement can be construed to mean armed criminal psychopaths, not guns.

Which is the problem.

She extols Sen. Chris Murphy’s bill, which is a most egregious assault on citizens’ rights and keeps no one safe.

The SCOTUS Rahimi case, who is not considered a model citizen, concerns the unjust gun confiscation from persons with a restraining order not criminally convicted of domestic violence.

Of course, she subscribes to the Trump derangement syndrome sarcastically mentioning him.

She mentions the Republican state Sen. Jeff Wilson, arrested flying with a firearm, basically inferring that gun owners are dumb.

She parrots the Left’s playbook mentioning assault rifles, their Orwellian propaganda term and high-capacity magazines saying contemptuously that at least there would be less people murdered with 10 rounds.

She denigrates veterans’ rights to be armed because they might be mentally unfit to manage their benefits.

There are 12 states prohibiting guns at the polls.

Making voters targets for armed psychopaths.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles