LETTER:One impression

Olympic Medical Center was represented at the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Fair in Sequim last Saturday.

I don’t know who the gentlemen were that OMC sent as their representatives, nor am I even interested at this point.

The three gentlemen donned business attire, stood in a row, with arms crossed over their chests, standing farthest away from their booth table.

To me, this body language was interrupted of their boredom.

I witnessed a few snickers, which could have been innocent, between them that gave me the impression they possibly could be making fun of those passing.

Over all, the message I was reading, is OMC was not interested in me therefore, old man, move along, there’s nothing to see here.

This isn’t how I want my community hospital represented and I can’t imagine their board wants this either.

Butch Zaharias

Port Angeles